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Welcome to our website dedicated to the fascinating and rich history of Camden, New Jersey. Situated just across the river from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Camden’s story is one of evolution, from its humble beginnings as a quaint settlement founded by the Coopers, to the acquisition of surrounding towns and the addition of modern amenities such as paved roads and automobiles. Eventually, it became a bustling industrial city with a legacy of manufacturing and innovation.

Remnants of Camden’s history can still be found all around if you know where to look. With the help of our user-friendly menu and search functionality, you can explore the city’s past, whether it’s locating a dirt trail that was once a street, researching information about your ancestors, or delving into our archives for Camden News or the Camden Electrical Bureau. Perhaps you’re even trying to learn about John Wilkes Booth’s killer!

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Remnants of Camden’s history are all around you if you know where to look!

Latest Posts

  • Leonard Iannelli
    Leonard Iannelli, born into a family of dedicated firefighters, followed his father, Frank Iannelli, who had lost his life as a member of Engine Company 9.
  • Frank Iannelli
    The legacy of firefighting courage and sacrifice continued as Frank Iannelli’s two sons, Leonard and Carmen, also followed their father’s footsteps. Tragically, both would also make the supreme sacrifice.
  • Carmen Iannelli
    Carmen Iannelli was a Camden firefighter who, along with his father and brother, lost his life while on active duty.
  • James T. McGrory, Jr
    James McGrory was a Camden firefighter, retiring in 1990. He remained dedicated to helping with fundraising and was active in a number of community events.
  • William H. Deitz
    William Harry Deitz was a Camden firefighter rising to District Chief. He suffered a fatal heart attack on scene, on November 14, 1962.
  • Judson K. Fish
    Judson K. Fish was born in April 1851 in New Jersey to parents Amanda and Ezra Fish. In 1860, the family resided in Delaware Township (now Cherry Hill), New Jersey. By the 1870 Census, they had moved to Camden’s Middle Ward, where…
  • The Forgotten Whistle-Blower Who Saved Jews From Hitler (Excerpt)
    How did a 30-year-old attorney in the U.S. Treasury Department, a Protestant with no particular interest in Jewish affairs, come to play a central role in the rescue of more than 200,000 Jews from the Holocaust?
  • Josiah DuBois Jr.
    Josiah DuBois, Jr was born in Camden and was a direct influence to President Roosevelt’s creation of the War Refugee Board which helped save 200,000 lives.
  • John Reilly
    John Reilly was a firefighter for Engine Company 4 who was killed in the line of duty after his portable fire extinguisher exploded.
  • General John A. Logan Post No 102 – G.A.R.
    The General John A. Logan Post No. 102 remained active at least until 1917, with John D. Leaming serving as the commander during that time.
  • Emmanuel Washington Schaeffer
    Emmanuel began his career with the Reading Railroad in 1905. A year later, he transferred to the Atlantic City Railroad, which later became the Pennsylvania-Reading-Seashore line.
  • Arthur C. Dorrance
    Inspired by his brother’s success at Campbell Soup, Arthur joined the company and became an integral part of its growth and transformation. Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen, he played a pivotal role in expanding Campbell Soup’s reach and solidifying its position as a household name worldwide.