Berglund Motor Company

Community Motors Ford, 1934

Edmund Berglund was operating a Ford dealership called Community Motors on Crescent Boulevard in Collingswood NJ in 1934. By the mid-1940s he had moved his business, then known as Berglund Ford, to the Admiral Wilson Boulevard at 17th Street in Camden NJ. Around 1955 he opened up a new building on that site, which became a Camden landmark for years to follow. Berglund Ford closed in the 1980s and the building was eventually razed.

One of the last dealerships to leave the Boulevard, the building was operated as a maintenance facility by the Trailways Bus corporation a while. After Trailways went bankrupt, the building was was razed. There still is a presence in Camden, as the Ford Motors engine business that was a part of the Berglund enterprise is still in business in East Camden, just off of Admiral Wilson Boulevard.

The site had been considered as a location for a building to replace the Pennsauken Mart, which was demolished in 2007. These plans came to naught for a variety of reasons, and the site remains empty today.

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