David B. Berschler, Undertaker

Funeral Undertaker Coffin Stock Photo

Operated by David B. Berschler, this business served Camden’s Jewish community. Established in 1923, David Berschler located in the Parkside section in the 1940s at 1401-03 Princess Avenue, it was in walking distance from two synagogues in the community.

The business moved to Pennsauken NJ in the 1960s, and was renamed Berschler Funeral Chapel. By 2003, the business is known as Berschler, Shenberg and Blady. In 2004 the name changed to Berschler and Shenberg Funeral Chapels, Inc.

In 2008 the business left Pennsauken, moving to 101 Medford-Mt. Holly Road in Medford, NJ 08055.


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