Victoria Hotel - 201 Kaighn Avenue, Camden, NJ. - Postcard from 1908

201 Kaighn Avenue

The Victoria Hotel, located at 201 Kaighn Avenue, is believed to have been constructed sometime after 1891, with records indicating that it was operational by 1908.

Julius Allendorf, the long-time owner of the establishment, was born in Philadelphia around 1867. He hailed from a family with a brewing background, as his father, also named Julius, was involved in the brewing industry, and his mother was Susan. The 1880 census records reveal that the Allendorf family resided at 3006 Stiles Street in Philadelphia during that period. Young Julius, at that time, was employed by a druggist.

According to the 1910 Pennsylvania census, Allendorf had entered into matrimony. He and his wife Jennie still lived in Philadelphia, and his mother, Susan, was a member of their household. By 1919, Julius Allendorf had become the proprietor of the Victoria Hotel and relocated to the building. The 1920 Census indicates that Julius Allendorf, along with his wife Jennie and his mother Susan, resided at the hotel.

Recollections from Alicemary McCue Pacella, who visited the Victoria Hotel in the 1940s, include memories of being served sodas by a Mrs. Campbell. The 1947 City Directory lists Mrs. Bertha Campbell as a resident at and the manager of the Victoria Hotel.

Julius Allendorf appears to have maintained his residence at 201 Kaighn Avenue until at least the autumn of 1956, as he is listed in the New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory for that year. However, he does not appear in the directory for 1959, although the Victoria Hotel is still listed. It is probable that Mrs. Campbell, who continued to be listed, acquired or inherited the business, operating it at 201 Kaighn Avenue into the early 1960s. By 1966, the establishment was no longer included in the telephone directory listings, and today, no remnants of the building are discernible.

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