Boudov Coal and Ice Company, Incorporated

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In the days before electric refrigerators and heat fueled by fuel oil or natural gas, the coal and ice dealers fulfilled the needs of Camden’s residences and business. One of those companies was Boudov Coal and Ice Company.

Israel Boudov was another of the Jewish merchants who went into business along Kaighn Avenue in Camden, NJ. He acquired the coal business, locate at 212 Mechanic Street, of P.D. Strang and Son from William Strang at some point after 1920. During the 1930’s Israel Boudov advertised regularly in the Camden Courier-Post, and was still active in business into the 1950’s. The advent of oil- and gas-fired heating systems, not to mention refrigerators, foretold the eventual fate of the business and those like it. The Boudov Coal and Ice Company remained in business into 1957, but was no longer advertising by 1958, and had closed up completely by 1959.

Long a resident of Parkside, Israel Boudov and his wife Rose lived at 1516 Wildwood Avenue from 1922 into June of 1932. By 1936 the Boudovs were making their home at 1232 Magnolia Avenue, and by 1947 at 1222 Empire Avenue. He was still at that address as late as 1959.



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