The factory at 602 North 10th Street belonged to the U.S. Gasket Company at the time the 1947 Camden City Directory was compiled. By 1959 U.S. Gasket had become a division of the Garlock Packing Company, and the North Camden plant was involved with plastics. By 1970 the company was known as Garlock Inc.

At some point after 1982 the plant was acquired by Coltec Industries of Charlotte, North Carolina. The factory remains open today, but has operated with a skeleton crew in recent years.

Garlock Valves & Industrial Plastics Division

602 North 10th Street, Camden, NJ 08101

Coltec Industries Inc.’s Garlock Valves & Industrial Plastics Division develops and manufactures valves, bearings, and gaskets, and sheet tape and molded parts, primarily for the chemical, paper, and pharmaceutical industries. For severe corrosive chemical environments, they make PTFE-lined butterfly valves and plug valves; and for severe abrasive environments, they make ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) lined butter-fly valves. PTFE and high-performance resins, such as PEEK, PES, etc., are used to produce composite gaskets, monolithic or composite sheet, tape, and molded parts. Their composite products are reinforced with aramid, carbon, or glass fibers, some aramid filler and some stainless steel fibers.

Staff Includes:

  • Design Engineers
  • Chemical Engineers

Composites Related People:

  • Mr. Michael Lim, Plant Manager
  • Mr. Brian Buers, QA Manager

Facilities and Equipment Description: Facilities of 60,000 square feet are comprised mainly of injection and compression molding equipment.


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