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War veterans - AI Stock Photo
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General John A. Logan Post No 102 – G.A.R.

The General John A. Logan Post No. 102 remained active at least until 1917, with John D. Leaming serving as the commander during that time.

Photo from 1905 of the building that served as Turner Hall in 1880 and 1881. This building had been built in 1864 as the Church of the Immaculate Conception , and served in that capacity from 1859 to 1864, when the present church at Broadway and Market Street was put into use. From 1882 until 1924 the Thomas M.K. Lee Post No.5 of the G.A.R. met at this building.
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Turner Hall

Turner Hall held a prominent position within the German-American community in Camden and played a multifaceted role in promoting athletic, political, and social activities. Following the unsuccessful 1848 revolution in Germany, a substantial number of German immigrants, including members of the Turners, sought refuge in the United States.

Marshall's Reastaurant and Sea Food 1244 Haddon Avenue, Camden, NJ
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Marshall’s Restaurant and Seafood

Between Kaighn Avenue and Liberty Street on Haddon Avenue, across from the famous Donkey’s Place, was a beloved establishment called Marshall’s Restaurant and Seafood.

Waldorfs Tavern - 2003-09-21
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Waldorf Tavern

Originally opened as a liquor store, by 1966 Waldorf Liquor Company had become Waldorf Bar. The Giambrone family operated the establishment in the 1990’s. In 2000, the bar changed hands and was known as Cafaro’s Waldorf Tavern and, later, Roman’s Waldorf Tavern.

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Briggs Cafe

Briggs Cafe operated at 1197 Lansdowne Avenue, the corner of Louis Street and Lansdowne Avenue in Camden’s predominantly Polish Whitman Park neighborhood.

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Walt’s Cafe

Walt’s Cafe was located at 1197 Lansdowne Avenue, on the corner of Lansdowne Avenue and Louis Street. The bar had operated as Briggs Cafe in the late 1940s, and in the late 1960s and early 1970s as Walt’s Cafe. During the 1990s the bar was known as the Camelot Lounge.

Grand Theater - 1929
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Grand Theater

The Grand remained a popular spot into the early 1950s, when television and a lack of parking caused attendance to fall.

Hoddell Garage Advertisement 1923-1924 Camden City Directory
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Hoddell Garage

William F. Hoddell owned a garage at 323 Main Street which was known, appropriately enough, as the Hoddell Garage. This building had been built by Edward Roberts, who operated a livery stable, and later a garage there, prior to William Hoddell’s involvement.

Haddon Bindery Fire - 2008-04-07
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Haddon Bindery

The Haddon Bindery stood in two large buildings at 1104-1120 and 1136-1156 Linden Street, until it was destroyed by fire in April of 2008.

Hunt Pen Company Ad - 1915
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C. Howard Hunt Pen Company

For many, many years the ubiquitous BOSTON pencil sharpener was made by the C. Howard Hunt Pen Company of Camden, NJ., as was the Hunt round point pen and, most famously, the Speedball pen.

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Camden Chiselers Club

The Camden Chiselers Club was organized by Larry Doran, attorney Rocco Palese, and other members of Camden’s political and business community, making up a “Who’s Who” of Camden in the 1930’s.

Bell and Evans Advertisement - 1938-01-06
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Bell and Evans, Inc.

BELL & EVANS INC. in 2023 is a well-known and highly respected producer of chicken, now based in Fredericksburg, PA. The company dates back to the 1890’s, and had roots in Camden.