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  • Central Trust Company

    Central Trust Company

    The Central Trust Company organized on April 9, 1891 at Read’s Hall, a building which later housed the Camden Daily Courier newspaper. After receiving its charter on May 8, the Central Trust commenced business on May 11, 1891. The bank was located at 324 Federal Street until April 1, 1892, and then at 323 Federal…

  • East End Trust Company

    East End Trust Company

    The East End Trust Company was first organized on May 26, 1905. Dr. C.F. Hadley was the first president. Other founders and early directors included John Schimpf, Frederick von Nieda, and John Crawford.

  • South Camden Trust

    South Camden Trust

    The South Camden Trust Company was opened for business on April 2, 1921.

  • Merchants Trust Company

    Merchants Trust Company

    The Merchants Trust was organized in November of 1911. It was a small bank that catered to Camden’s business community, and was one of many small and medium sized banks active in the 1910s and 1920s. From its founding through his death in 1924 the president of the Merchants Trust was Charles Reynolds. He was…

  • First Camden National Bank & Trust

    First Camden National Bank & Trust

    This bank traces is roots back to June 16, 1812 when Camden’s first bank was incorporated. It was known as The State Bank at Camden, and retained that name until June 2, 1865, at which time it became a National Bank and its title was made The National State Bank of Camden. This bank did…

  • Third National Bank

    Third National Bank

    One of the last banks to be organized in Camden, Third National Bank was organized in January of 1928. The new bank survived the depression, and remained in business as the Third National Bank & Trust Company until the 1970s, when it was merged into the United Jersey Bank. Unlike the other Camden banks that…

  • Camden Trust

    Camden Trust

    The Camden Trust traces its origin back to July 1, 1873, when the The Camden Insurance, Safe Deposit & Trust Company, first opened for business, at 224 Federal Street. Over a period of seventy-five years, the bank merged with other local banks such as the Security Trust Company, Central Trust Company, East End Trust Company,…

  • Broadway Trust

    Broadway Trust

    The Broadway Trust Company was led by John J. Burleigh, one of the leading businessmen in South Jersey from the 1870s through World War I.

  • Camden National Bank

    Camden National Bank

    Established in 1885, the Camden National Bank opened at 259 Kaighn Avenue on August 13, 1885.

  • American National Bank

    American National Bank

    Founded in the mid-1920s, The American National Bank built a fine building at 1213 Broadway which is still standing today, although it has been boarded up and vacant for many years. The bank’s President was Elmer Ellsworth Long, who had been a principle in the Munger & Long Department Store at Broadway and Federal Street…

  • A history of banking in Camden, NJ

    A history of banking in Camden, NJ

    The Farmers and Mechanics Bank was organized with a capital of $300,000 on March 31, 1855. The banking house at the southeast corner of Front and Market Streets was built at the cost of $18,000. This institution was conducted as a State Bank until September 1, 1864 when it became a National Bank and its…

  • Broadway Trust Company – National Register of Historic Places

    Broadway Trust Company – National Register of Historic Places

    Broadway Trust Company (added 1990 – Building – #90001284) Also known as ONJH Inventory #0408190 938-944 Broadway, Camden Historic Significance: Event Architecture/Engineering Architect / builder or engineer: Phillip Merz / J. Henry Miller Architectural Style: Classical Revival Area of Significance: Economics Architecture Period of Significance: 1900-1924 1925-1949 Owner: Private Historic Function: Commerce/Trade Historic Sub-function: Financial…