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  • Grand Theater

    Grand Theater

    The Grand Theater was located at 207 Broadway, just south of Mickle Street and adjacent to one-time Camden Mayor Roy R. Stewart‘s men’s wear store. The 1911 Camden City Directory shows Abram Greenberg operating a theater at this address. The Grand remained a popular spot into the early 1950s, when television and a lack of…

  • Tydeman & Dooley

    Tydeman & Dooley

    TYDEMAN & DOOLEY were a pair of comedic acrobats who starred on the B.F. Keith vaudeville circuit in the 1900s and 1910s. Vincent A. Tydeman grew up in Camden, and also had a long career as a minor league baseball player. After retiring from baseball and the stage he remained a Camden resident until his…

  • Camden NJ and the Beginnings of Country Music

    Camden NJ and the Beginnings of Country Music

    On November 30, 1927, Jimmie Rodgers arrived in Camden to cut his first professionally recorded records. Three months earlier Ralph Peer, a talent scout for Camden’s Victor Records had traveled south to Bristol VA/TN, seeking some new talent for Victor. Rodgers was the first to be invited back to Camden to record. The Carter Family…