Category: Breweries and Coffeeshops

  • Boscul Coffee Company

    Boscul Coffee Company

    Formerly William S. Scull & Company Front & Federal Streets Importers, packagers, and distributors of coffee and tea, William S. Scull & Company was founded in 1831 by Joab Scull. In 1858, William S. Scull became the head of the company, which traded for many years as William S. Scull & Company. William S. Scull…

  • Mother’s Koffee House

    Mother’s Koffee House

    1913 Broadway Mother’s Koffee House was a wholesale tea and coffee concerned, founded in 1927 by three partners. The business was located at 1913 Broadway in Camden’s Eighth Ward, and was a fixture on Broadway as late as the fall of 1959.

  • F. A. Poth & Sons Leaflet

    F. A. Poth & Sons Leaflet

    The firm of F. A. Poth & Sons, Incorporated, of New Jersey, brewers of lager beer, sprang into existence in the year 1910, as the result of a desire on the part of the parent concern, F.A. Poth & Sons, Incorporated, of Pennsylvania to give the people of Camden a Brewery of their own, as…

  • Camden Beer

    Camden Beer

    The Camden County Beverage Co., Fillmore & Bulson Streets, Camden, New Jersey Camden’s brewery at Fillmore and Bulson Streets was built in 1904 by Joseph Baumgartner. The firm was known as the Camden City Brewery Incorporated until it was acquired by Frederick A. Poth, and operated by F.A. Poth & Sons Inc., a Philadelphia based…