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Central Trust Bank Building, 1915
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Central Trust Company

The Central Trust Company organized on April 9, 1891 at Read’s Hall, a building which later housed the Camden Daily Courier newspaper. After receiving its charter on May 8, the Central Trust commenced business on May 11, 1891. The bank was located at 324 Federal Street until April 1, 1892, and then at 323 Federal Street. The Central Trust Company bank building at 4th & Federal Streets was opened on October 31, 1900. The first president was Abraham Anderson, R.F. Bancroft the first vice-president, and Charles C. Pine the first treasurer. Thomas Nekervis was made secretary-treasurer on April 14, 1892. Montreville Shinn was made assistant Secretary-Treasurer on June 16, 1908, and C. Chester Craig was made trust officer on December 17, 1900.

The Hurley Store on Broadway, a great big structure conducted on progressive lines as is proven by the manner in which the buying public bestows its patronage. The Hurley service has become a byword with thousands of South Jersey families. its occupants.
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Various industries in Camden, circa 1929

Post Office at NW Corner of 3rd and arch streets, Camden, NJ. Circa 1890
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A History of Post Offices in Camden

Post Offices in Camden were established in 1803 and the first was called Cooper"s Ferry Post Office, under which name it continued until 1829 when it was changed to Camden. The office was first located in the hotel at the foot of Cooper street.

Secret Mask Anonymous Stock Photo
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Knights of the Golden Eagle

The Knights of the Golden Eagle is a secret benevolent institution, founded in Baltimore, Md., February 6, 1873, and is now in successful operation in the States of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Delaware, New Jersey, California, Ohio, New York, Iowa, Georgia, Connecticut, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Colorado, Virginia, Illinois, Alabama and the District of Columbia. It is based upon the most liberal principles consistent with future prosperity, and has for its motto, "Fidelity, Valor and Honor," a trinity of graces which are taught in its ritual.

Stock photo of a bar
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The Alpha Club

The Alpha Club was a social space that consisted mostly of young men from South Camden in the years prior to World War I.

713 S. 3rd Street, Camden, NJ. AKA Vasco's Cafe AKA Seven Brothers Cafe Photo Taken: February 11, 2003
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Vasco’s Cafe

713 S. 3rd Street, Camden, NJ From the late 1900s through 1920 the saloon at 713 South…

Donkey's Place
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Donkey’s Place

Donkey’s Place, at 1223 Haddon Avenue, does not appear as a bar or restaurant in the 1918-1919 Camden City Directory.

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Camden Times

The Camden Times was founded in 1894 as The Stockton Times by George Lang. In 1897 Charles W. Miller of 1046 North 18th Street became the editor and publisher. Unfortunately, Charles Miller was killed in a railroad accident in 1901.

Stock photo of a bar
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Baker’s Bar and Grill

The building at 45 York Street — Baker’s Bar — had already been built by 1887. Frederick Eitz, a blacksmith for the Camden & Amboy Railroad, resided there.

Central Airport - 1929 Photos courtesy of Warren Fairess from the collection of his mother, Marie Fisbeck Fairess
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Central Airport and Airport Circle

If you or I had a nickel for every time someone said or thought “but where’s the airport?” while traveling to or from Philadelphia, one of us would certainly have a boxcar or three worth of nickels! Yes Virginia, there once was an airport there… the main airport serving the Delaware Valley, as a matter of fact!

Jewelry Jeweler Stock Photo
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Leo’s Quality Jewelers

One of the many Jewish business owners who were a part of Camden NJ in its glory days was Leo Spector. Leo’s was remembered long after Leo Spector closed his business on Broadway, for the distinctive sign that graced the building for decades afterwards. Leo’s also sold radios and appliances.

Postcard was published within 15 years of Walt Whitman's passing, and is most contemporary picture I've seen to date of the house as it would have looked during the poet's lifetime
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The Walt Whitman House

The Walt Whitman House is a historic building in Camden, New Jersey, United States, and is on the National Register of Historic Places which was the last residence of American poet Walt Whitman, in his declining years before his death. It is located at 328 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, known as Mickle St. during Whitman’s time there.