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Linden Elementary School
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Linden School

In December of 1887 the Camden Board of Education approved the purchase of land which eventually housed Linden School.

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Camden County Municipalities, 1964

Camden Courier-Post, May 19, 1964

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South Jersey Law School, The Archive, 1931

The Archive of South Jersey Law School Camden, New Jersey for 1931

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Camden Law School – The Archive, 1930

The Archive of South Jersey Law School Camden, New Jersey for 1930

Camden Commercial College
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Camden Commercial College

The CAMDEN COMMERCIAL COLLEGE INC., a privately owned and operated business college, had opened its doors in the Temple Theater building at 415 Market Street by 1906. George O. Swartz, of Wenonah, was then the school’s president, with Joel O. Swartz of Devon PA serving as the secretary and treasurer of the corporation.

By 1924 the Camden Commercial College had relocated to 323-325 Federal Street, with a rear entrance on Arch Street. The school remained open at this location as late as 1947. By 1956 the school had closed its doors.

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Bonsall School

#1 Truck
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Trash Fire at Davis and Copewood Streets

Once again, the Camden Fire Department was dispatched to the former site of the Coriell Institute for another trash fire at the rear of the property. The fires in the abandoned structures are a complete pain in the ass, as there is no water supply near where the fires have been set, and hose has to be dragged a great distance in order to extinguish them.

Guest of Honor
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A Marine Comes Home From Afghanistan

This page and the other pages in this series are the successors to the series of web-page about the Camden Fire Department. On this and other pages in the series you will find pictures and information regarding different events and aspects of the fire service in Camden, New Jersey.

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Fairview Alarm Activation

December 15, 2013 This page and the other pages in this series are the successors to the…

Captain Michael LaBar putting out a garage fire
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Garage Fire on Warnock Place

After leaving Engine 10, I stopped by Squad 7, and was still there when this box came in. Police were already on scene, Squad 7 was the first fire unit to arrive. There was a whole lot of smoke from this detached garage on Warnock Place, an old more or less abandoned street that runs west from South 8th Street between Sycamore Street and Kaighn Avenue. A water supply was secured, and the fire, which had spread to the siding of the adjacent house on 8th Street was quickly dealt with, with no damage to the home save the siding. There were no injuries, which is always a blessing.