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Camden Centennial will Start Feb 13. Week of Celebration at City's Convention Hall to Mark Anniversary
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Camden Centennial Will Start Feb. 13

Camden’s centennial will be observed during the week of February 13. That announcement was made today by Frank Albright, chairman of the committee in charge to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the incorporation of Camden as a city.

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Ghost Sniper Seen! Fires on 2 Girls, Bullet is Found

Camden"s “phantom sniper” has been seen. The man who had terrorized occupants of motorbuses, drivers of automobiles and residents of homes upon which he has fired during the last two months is no ghost, but a man of flesh and blood.

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Fairview Club Women Observe Drama Day

Drama Day is being observed by the Fairview Women’s Club at a meeting in the Community Baptist Church this afternoon.

Mrs. C. Richard Allen, chairman of the drama committee, is in charge of the program, which is following the business session.

Tea is being served by a committee, consisting of Mrs. H. Furness, Mrs. G. Stanton, Mrs. Dukes, Mrs. Burnside Anderson and Mrs. Doty.

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Ghost Sniper Shoots at Bus, Fells Cop at Bridge Plaza

Probing a mystery that sounds more like fantastic fiction than serious fact, police of Camden and officials of the Camden Bridge today were conducting a vigorous hunt for a “phantom sniper.”

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‘Chick Hunt’s Girl’ Gone

Back into the notice of Camden’s Police Court, but not into its courtroom, Katherine Rosalie came today.

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Rotary Club Lends to 16 College Boys

Eight Camden boys last September were able to continue their studies in college and universities because a Camden service club established a loan fund to aid worthy students.

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Dealer Denies Thieves Took Slot Machine

Lewis Shectman changed his story in police court today and declared that it was only a box of cigars, not a slot machine that was stolen from his store.

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Sixth Ward G.O.P. Club Installs New Officers

The newly-elected officers of the Sixth Ward Women’s Republican Club, 908 Broadway, were installed last night. The installation was conducted by Mrs. Anna Moffett, county committeewoman of Gloucester.

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Flannery Promises to explain Slaying

With Joseph “Mose” Flannery at liberty under $3000 bail, a statement setting forth his part in the Sixth Ward Republican Club affray which resulted in the slaying of Joseph Cimini last Saturday, was promised today by his attorney, Samuel Orlando.

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“Mose” Flannery Released on Bail

Camden Evening Courier – January 19, 1928 Shay Signs Order After $5000 Bond is Posted in 6th…

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Grand Jury Will Consider Slaying After Probe Ends

Investigation in the slaying of Joseph Cimini in the Sixth Ward Republican Club Saturday, is “far from completed”, Assistant Prosecutor Joseph Varbalow announced today.

Katherine Rosalie, Top. Elsie Berendt, Bottom.
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Battle Echo of Murder at Club

Pretty, piquant Katherine Rosalie – for love of whom men are declared to have fought to the death in the rooms of the Sixth Ward Republican Club, today waged her own fight against her self-avowed rival for the attentions of Charles “Chick” Hunt.