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Famous or interesting people of Camden, NJ throughout the years.

Warren Webster Born: 1863-06-25 Died: 1938-12-21
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Warren Webster

If you fare inside a building constructed in the early 20th century, there’s a significant likelihood that it contains components made by Warren Webster.

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Paul A. Kind

Paul Adolf Kind was born in Bohemia, the son of Maurice and Hermine (Fischl). His father was one of the founders and officials of Kind and Knox.

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Tom Bergbauer

With service spanning 37 years at the Courier-Post, Tom Bergbauer endured retirement as he penned the “Tracking History” column for the Courier.

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E. Allen Hughes

E. Allen Hughes embarked on a distinguished 36-year career as a reporter and copy editor with the Camden Courier-Post newspapers and, later, on WCAM, Camden Radio.

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Isaac Merrick

A laborer, Isaac Merrick worked at a Catholic cemetery in either Camden or Gloucester City. He later was the subject of a murder-suicide with his adopted daughter.

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Richard R. C. Donnelly

Richard Donnelly joined the Camden Police Department in the early 1920s and rose to the rank of detective in the Third Police District, which encompassed Cramer Hill and East Camden.

Walter J Stanton Jr - 1932-06-08
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Walter J. Stanton, Jr.

Walter J. Stanton Jr served in the U.S. Navy during World War I and was a vaudeville entertainer, worked in City Hall, and also as a janitor at Burrough Jr. High School in Camden.

Walter J Stanton - 1902-06-16
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Walter J. Stanton, Sr.

Walter J. “Weep” Stanton Sr. was a Camden police officer, vaudeville actor, baseball player, butcher, driver, and salesman.

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George R. Thompson

George Robeson Thompson was born in Camden around 1871. His father, John R. Thompson, served on Camden’s first City Council, while his son, Marshall Thompson, had a career with the Camden Police Department.

Harry Gleason - Boston Americans - 1903
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Harold G. Gleason

Harry Gleason was a professional baseball player out of Camden, who also worked at a railroad yard. His brother went on to play for the Philadelphia Phillies.

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Joseph F. Kobus

Joseph Kobus ran a shoe store in Camden, was married to Mary Kobus—one of Camden’s first female politicians—and became one of the founding members of the National Puzzlers League

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Benjamin Cavanaugh

Benjamin Cavanaugh was a firefighter, working in both Engine Company 1 and Engine Company 2, until he left the department in 1882.