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Famous or interesting people of Camden, NJ throughout the years.

Howard Unruh - Army Photo
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Howard Unruh

Howard Unruh, one of America’s first mass shooters, killed 13 people in a 1949 shooting rampage — in part due to undiagnosed schizophrenia.

Mitchell H Cohen - 1936-10-21
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Mitchell H. Cohen

Mitchell Cohen was a prominent figure in Camden, New Jersey, with a long career as a lawyer and judge.

Thomas Lauria - 1939-08-30
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Thomas E. Lauria

Thomas Enrico Lauria, also known as Tony Ricco, was a professional boxer from Camden, NJ who fought in the 1930s and early 1940s.

Walter P Wolverton - 1931
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Walter P. Wolverton

Walter P. Wolverton was born in Camden, NJ in 1882. He held a number of city positions and was brother to Charles, who served 16 terms in the House of Representatives.

Charles A. Wolverton - 1926
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Charles A. Wolverton

Charles Wolverton (1880-1969) was a New Jersey lawyer and politician who served 16 terms in Congress, chaired the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, and was a member of various fraternal organizations.

Joseph B Van Sciver
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Joseph B. Van Sciver

In 1881, J.B. Van Sciver founded his furniture manufacturing and retail business, and by 1888, he had moved to a four-story building opposite the Ferry at Delaware and Federal.

Gustav A Koerner - 1935-08-31
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Gustav A. Koerner

By December of 1951, Koerner had reached the pinnacle of his career, becoming the Chief of Police for the City of Camden. He served in this position until his retirement on April 19, 1960.

David S Paul - Reward
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David S. Paul

David S. Paul was a mail carrier and bank messenger. His remains were found by a party of hunters deep in the pine barrens of NJ.

Lawrence T Doran - 1930-04-01
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Lawrence T. Doran

Larry Doran helped crack several famous cases, helping send killers Walter Dworecki and William John Stephan to New Jersey’s electric chair. He was involved with most every major investigation in Camden County for a quarter of a century.

Police Stock Photo
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George Ellis

George Ellis was a member of the Camden Police Department, promoted to Detective on September 26, 1944 by then Chief of Police George W. Frost.

Louis J Pilcher - 1931
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Louis J. Pilcher

Dr. Louis J. Pilcher served as City Planner for the City of Camden in 1930 and 1931.

Samuel M Shay - 1926
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Samuel M. Shay

Samuel M. Shay was born in New Jersey around 1885. He was appointed to a five-year term as Judge of the Common Pleas Court in Camden County in March of 1922 by Governor Edwards, being reappointed in 1927.