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Famous or interesting people of Camden, NJ throughout the years.

Herman Z Cutler
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Herman Z. Cutler

HERMAN Z. CUTLER is best remembered in Camden for the company he founded, Cutler Metal Products Company, which operated at 1021-1025 Line Street into the 1980s.

Arthur Colsey - 1936-09-16
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Arthur Colsey

Politically active, Arthur Colsey served on City Council from the Second Ward from 1907 to 1911, as well as serving in the Camden Police Dept, eventually serving as Chief.

Edward N Cohn
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Edward N. Cohn

Edward Cohn had partnered with Joseph E. Roberts, president of the West Jersey Railroad Company. He would later also partner with George Holl. The Roberts and Cohn real estate firm was located at 105 Market Street.

Lindley M Garrison - Profile - 1913
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Lindley M. Garrison

Lindley M. Garrision entered the cabinet of President Woodrow Wilson on March 5, 1913, serving as secretary of war until February 10, 1916. Garrison and Wilson never fit well together. Garrison was much more willing to intervene militarily overseas than was the President.

Howard Carrow
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Howard Carrow

In September of 1907 he helped launch Woodrow Wilson’s political career by helping Wilson gain the nomination for New Jersey governor. On April 28, 1908 he was named as a Delegate-at-Large to the national Democrat convention.

Morris J Steelman
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Morris J. Steelman

Morris Steelman became one of the best sandlot baseball players in South Jersey in the 1890s. He went on to have a long career as a professional baseball player, then became a policeman in Camden, New Jersey.

Fireman Stock Photo
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Isaac Anderson

Isaac Anderson was primarily known as a Camden Firefighter from 1872 to around 1888, suffering an injury. He also worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad and as a stable boss.

Herbert Anderson - 1930-12-15
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Herbert Anderson

Herbert Anderson was a respected Camden police officer who served in the National Guard and U.S. Army after working as a wiper in an engine house.

Catholic Stained Glass Stock Photo
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Stephen Decatur Button

Stephen Button designed many well-known buildings and also the Richard Fetters School, Mickle School, the 1st Presbyterian and 2nd Presbyterian churches in Camden.

Studebaker Truck Stock Photo
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V. McClellan Fulton

V. McCLELLAN FULTON was born in Maryland around 1884. He had his first Studebaker dealership in 1909, and married at the age of 27. Known as “Mac” Fulton, he operated a Studebaker automobile agency in Camden for at least 30 years.

Captain Charles T. Humes
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Charles T. Humes, Jr.

Charles T. Humes was a police captain for the Camden Police Department, as well as a reporter and columnist for the Courier-Post.

Stephen Parsons - 1886. As per George Reeser Prowell's History of Camden County New Jersey, 1886
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Stephen Parsons

Stephen Parsons owned a number of hotels in Camden and was a prominent member of the city in the mid-1800’s. He was an active member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.