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How do I log in? I DO already have a account.

Click the blue login/logout button on the upper right side of each page and that will kick off the process. Make sure you choose “Log in with” and go through the prompts.

How do I log in? I DO NOT have a free account.

First, you need to go to the account registration (opens in new tab). Be sure to skip any prompts to pay for services. Once complete, will send you an email to validate your account. Once your account validation is complete, you can go to the login page and log in using

Please note that provides many services and there are prompts to pay for additional services. These services are not needed and you only need a free account.

Why am I redirected to and do I need an account there?

When you register on, you will also need to link your account to If you do not have a account, one will need to be created. manages your account and customizes your notifications and also helps to reduce the number of spam accounts on the site, among other things.

Can I be notified of new content or comments?

Yes, you can manage this a few ways:

  • To be notified of any new content, simply register! This gives additional benefits of commenting and also managing your notifications in different ways.
  • To be notified without registering, you can use the “Subscribe” form on each page.
  • If you already have a account, you can use the following link: Just type “” into the resulting box.

Can I change my notifications?

After registering, if you want to get your notifications differently (e.g. push, app, email) or you want to customize which notifications you receive, use this link:

Can you reset my username/password?

No. You are welcome to use the “forgot password” form on This is to maintain security. You may also change your password at, which is not affiliated with this site.

Can you delete my user account or comments?

User accounts and comments are deleted from in accordance with our privacy policy. Deleting your user account in its entirety must be done at


Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, kind of, but we down own or manage it. In fact, we have no say in it whatsoever. Once you have a free account (see related FAQ item), you can go to and download the free Jetpack app. Jetpack will allow you to subscribe to posts as well as thousands of other sites of interest, as well as managing notifications.

Is your site mobile-friendly?

Yes, we aim to be compliant with all standards, wherever possible.

How do I follow additional sites?

Check out

How can I get email updates for new articles if I don’t want to register?

Use the “Subscribe” box on the side or bottom of most pages.


How do I comment on content?

In order to comment, you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Find something you want to reply to, fill out the form, and comment!

I don’t agree with what you wrote. How do I tell you?

Generally, the data is transcribed from or based on news articles and is not the opinion of nor its authors. You can use the comment form on the page to place your comments. Please note that not all pages can be commented on and all comments are filtered and reviewed before being made available.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes we do. You can find it here:

I see articles about surrounding towns. I thought the site was about Camden?

The site is primarily about Camden, however, it is difficult to tell a story in singularity of Camden alone without discussing how Camden affected—or was affected by—its suburbs. Because Camden was such a powerhouse of industry until the middle of the 20th century, it would be a disservice to exclude them.

Can you remove your advertising?

We experiment a lot with the right amount of advertising. It is, unfortunately, needed to offset the costs of running the site, wherever possible. We are looking into other options, especially for our registered users.

I can only download the city directories or other files. Can I change that?

If you are on mobile, no. This is a limitation of screen size. If you are on a desktop or have a large screen, you should see the content display in addition to a download link.

Can I search PDFs?

Yes! The ability to search PDFs has been added to every PDF on the site. The quality of the text when the file was originally scanned may make finding some text difficult. Some of the scans occurred when moving to microfilm and without the original copy, we are unable to improve said quality.

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