Camden Fire Department – 811 S. 5th Street

January 1, 2012

The first fire of 2012 in Camden came before noon, when an abandoned dwelling at 811 Pine Street was set ablaze. Camden firefighter Gabriel Angemi put it in a few understated words.

“Took about 12 hours for Camden Fire Department to get our first job of the new year. Aggressive work by 4 Platoon to save an occupied delta exposure from a well involved second floor fire.”

The photos below will demonstrate quite graphically that there was a lot more to this fire than that. An abandoned property that adjoined an occupied unit was set on fire, and it was only through valiant effort that the occupied home at 809 South 5th Street was not consumed by fire as well.

Photographer William Kinder III was on scene a few minutes before these photos, and took a few pictures showing that there was heavy fire showing from the second floor front bedroom of 811 South 5th Street.

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