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Josiah DuBois Jr
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Josiah DuBois Jr.

Josiah DuBois, Jr was born in Camden and was a direct influence to President Roosevelt’s creation of the War Refugee Board which helped save 200,000 lives.

Black and White Portable Fire Extinguisher - AI Stock Photo
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John Reilly

John Reilly was a firefighter for Engine Company 4 who was killed in the line of duty after his portable fire extinguisher exploded.

War veterans - AI Stock Photo
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General John A. Logan Post No 102 – G.A.R.

The General John A. Logan Post No. 102 remained active at least until 1917, with John D. Leaming serving as the commander during that time.

Emmanuel and Mary Schaeffer - Sept 1952
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Emmanuel Washington Schaeffer

Emmanuel began his career with the Reading Railroad in 1905. A year later, he transferred to the Atlantic City Railroad, which later became the Pennsylvania-Reading-Seashore line.

Arthur C. Dorrance
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Arthur C. Dorrance

Inspired by his brother’s success at Campbell Soup, Arthur joined the company and became an integral part of its growth and transformation. Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen, he played a pivotal role in expanding Campbell Soup’s reach and solidifying its position as a household name worldwide.

John T. Dorrance, inventor of condensed soup and making Campbell Soup a household name.
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John T. Dorrance

Dr. John Dorrance invented condensed soup, propelling Campbell Soup to global recognition, leading the company until his death in 1930.

Photo from 1905 of the building that served as Turner Hall in 1880 and 1881. This building had been built in 1864 as the Church of the Immaculate Conception , and served in that capacity from 1859 to 1864, when the present church at Broadway and Market Street was put into use. From 1882 until 1924 the Thomas M.K. Lee Post No.5 of the G.A.R. met at this building.
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Turner Hall

Turner Hall held a prominent position within the German-American community in Camden and played a multifaceted role in promoting athletic, political, and social activities. Following the unsuccessful 1848 revolution in Germany, a substantial number of German immigrants, including members of the Turners, sought refuge in the United States.

Ethan P. Wescott
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Ethan P. Wescott

Ethan P. Wescott (1883-1954) was a lawyer in New Jersey, following in his father’s footsteps. Active in fraternal organizations, he had a successful legal career and later ventured into the dairy business. Buried in Camden, NJ.

1876 Fireman - AI Photo
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Abraham J. Stow

Abraham J. Stow joined the Camden Fire Department on April 8, 1876, replacing John Fallan as an extra man in Engine Company 2. Prior to his appointment, he worked as a teamster driller and continued in that profession after leaving the Fire Department.

Carl F Kellman
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Carl F. Kellman

Carl Kellman was shot and fatally injured during a robbery a few blocks away from his home while returning from a church carnival on October 13, 1912. He passed away the following morning.

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Samuel Lanning

Samuel Lanning, or Laning, was selected as the inaugural Mayor of Camden, appointed by his fellow council members in both 1828 and 1829.

Clayton Trueax - 1858-1860
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Clayton Truax

Clayton Truax was a Camden shoemaker and politician, serving as mayor, on city council, and on the board of education.