• Garrett Cowls

    Garrett Cowls

    In his time, Garrett Cowls was widely recognized as the father of baseball in Camden. He made an appearance as a player in a Philadelphia box score in 1865.

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  • Pyne Point Park – Tracking History

    Pyne Point Park – Tracking History

    If you grew up in North Camden then you had to remember Pyne Point Park. They were synonymous.

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  • State Street

    State Street

    In response to petitions from citizens, the State Legislature and County Freeholders authorized the building of a bridge and an extension of State Street to connect with Federal Street.

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  • Old Cooper Street

    Old Cooper Street

    Reprinted from the series of stories of Camden’s earlier days, under the title Sixty Years in Camden County – Gosh! by Will Paul, appearing in The Community news, of Merchantville, NJ.

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  • Charles G. Berry

    Charles G. Berry

    Charles G. Berry received an appointment to the Camden Fire Department in 1890 and was assigned to Engine Company 4, being one of its original members.

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  • William H. Deitz

    William H. Deitz

    William Harry Deitz was a Camden firefighter rising to District Chief. He suffered a fatal heart attack on scene, on November 14, 1962.

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