More Policemen to go In Camden

Philadelphia Inquirer – February 19, 1905

Democratic Members of the Force Are Marked for Dismissal From the Department

According to a statement made by a member of the Police Committee of Camden City Council to an Inquirer reporter yesterday, charges will be preferred against a number of Democratic policemen during the week and the resignations of the officers are likely to follow.

It was hinted that the resignation of Captain of Police Arthur Stanley will be asked for. Captain Stanley was appointed to the force by Mayor Hatch and has made a number of important arrests

Charges were preferred against policemen Samuel B. F. Alcott, of the Fifth ward, and John Miller, of the Fourth ward, yesterday. Alcott is charged with having assaulted William Morris, a fireman, on last election day and Miller with failing to report the operation of slot machines on his beat. The accused men are Democrats. They will probably have a hearing before the Police Committee of City Council the coming week. Alcott was appointed by Mayor Nowrey and Miller by Mayor Hatch.

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