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  • Fireman in a Mix-Up

    Fireman in a Mix-Up

    Fireman Edgar Bolton, former foreman Engine Company No. 5, of Camden, was arrested by Captain of Police Albert yesterday, on a charge of atrocious assault and battery preferred by Charles Worthington, a member of the same company. Worthington, while returning to the fire house after supper, was so badly beaten at the hands of a man he says was Bolton, that he was taken to Cooper Hospital, where a number of stitches were found necessary to clone the wounds. The facts were immediately reported to Chief Elfreth and he suspended Bolton. A special meeting of the Fire Committee of City Council has been called for tomorrow night to take action on the charges preferred by Chief Elfreth against Bolton.

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  • Two Camden Girls Missing

    Two Camden Girls Missing

    The Camden police were asked to locate Jennie Bradley and Augusta Wilhelm. The girls have been missing since Thursday are believed to have gone to New York.

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  • Savannah is Ready

    Savannah is Ready

    Savannah, Ga. April 14 — (Special.) — Jacksonville will meet Savannah on the local diamond on Monday in the opening game of the season in the south Atlantic League, and it is expected that the crowd in attendance will be fully as large as the tremendous gatherings that have heretofore thronged the grounds on opening days. Added grand stand and bleacher accommodations will meet all demands, however, and none who attend will suffer discomfort or inconvenience through lack of seating facilities.

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  • Samuel B. F. Alcott Injured

    Samuel B. F. Alcott Injured

    Former Policeman Samuel B. F. Alcott fell at the Taylor grain elevator yesterday, tearing his left leg. He was treated at the Cooper Hospital.

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  • News of a Day in the City of Camden

    News of a Day in the City of Camden

    Considerable surprise was manifested in Camden yesterday when it was announced that Anna Turner, the sixteen-year-old daughter of Frank Turner, a prominent builder and contractor, has been marred since January 21 to Louis Voegtlin, formerly of Camden, but now of Trenton. Up until the past few days Miss Turner, who lived with her parents at 707 Line street, had been attending school. It was through the mother of Voegtlin finding a letter in his pocket addressed to “My Dear Husband” that the fact the two had been married first became known to the parents of the two. Then they confessed to having gone to Moorestown on January 21, where they were married by a minister. While the parents of the bride were somewhat chagrined at the secret marriage because of the extreme youth of their daughter, she has been forgiven and Mr. and Mrs. Voegtlin are living happily in Trenton

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  • Doings in Camden

    Doings in Camden

    ** City Hall. Cooper. Pyne Point and Forest Kill parks were thronged yesterday.

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  • Police Have Started Census

    Police Have Started Census

    Camden Post-Telegram – November 3, 1906 The East Side police started yesterday to take the census of the Eleventh and Twelfth wards. As this requires a great amount of work, the residents of the East Side are requested to give the officers the prompt and correct answers and thus aid them in their work. Policemen Abbott, Joseph Palmer and Ridgely have been selected for this duty. The Third District police yesterday at roll call donned their new winter helmets.

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  • Turtle Wins Fatal Fight

    Turtle Wins Fatal Fight

    For a time the snake seemed to have the better of the battle, but the turtle finally caught the snake in the middle of the back. A few crunches of the turtle’s beak and the fight was won.

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  • The Central Trust Co Advertising Calendar, 1908

    The Central Trust Co Advertising Calendar, 1908

    The Central Trust Company Advertising Calendar, 1908. Camden, New Jersey.

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  • Camden, Now Eighty Years Old, Is Proud of Its Wonderful Growth

    Camden, Now Eighty Years Old, Is Proud of Its Wonderful Growth

    Eighty years will have passed on Friday, February 14, since Camden became an incorporated city, and just now the citizens are looking back over those years and recalling with a pardonable pride the epochs that have made it a community of homes, of splendid industries and of clean, progressive government.

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    Former Councilman Ferdinand McWilliams died at his home on Mercer Street, Gloucester City, yesterday afternoon, after a lingering illness. The deceased was one of the oldest residents of Gloucester and during the war of the Rebellion served as a sergeant in Company D, Fourth New Jersey Volunteers, under Captain Stafford. He was about 74years of age.The time of the funeral will not be set until the arrival of his son, James McWilliams, who left home in Colorado on Friday night with the expectation of arriving here before the death of his father. He is expected tomorrow night.

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  • Police Pension Fund Election

    Police Pension Fund Election

    There was a spirited contest at the annual election of officers of the Camden Police Pension Fund yesterday. J. Oscar Weaver won out for the presidency of the fund over George Anderson. The other officers elected follow: Vice presidents James Clay; recording secretary, Edward Hyde; financial secretary, James E. Tatem; treasure, E. B. MecClong: trustees, Charles Whaland. Howard Smith, George Cooper, Albert Shaw and Harry Mines.

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  • Poths Buy Camden Brewery

    Poths Buy Camden Brewery

    CAMDEN, March 7. – J. C. B. Morley has sold the plant of the Camden City Brewery, occupying a square of ground at Sixth and Fillmore Streets, Camden, to the F. A. Poth & Sons Brewing Co., Inc., of Philadelphia, for a consideration of about $500,000. The sale includes, in addition to the real estate, the stock, fixtures and equipment of the Camden plant. The new owners will make additions to the plant purchased, to cost about $100,000, and will largely increase its output. The buildings of the Camden plant include a large brewery, bottling house, malt house and stables. Title has already been taken by F. A. Poth & Sons’ Company.

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  • Held in Heavy Bail for Enticing Woman

    Held in Heavy Bail for Enticing Woman

    Alberta Connord, 16-years-old, who disappeared from her home here last Friday, was found last night in Philadelphia. She was traced to a house at Seventh and Spring Garden streets, where, with Arthur Williams, a married man, 33 years old, whose home is also in Camden, she was arrested

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  • Mrs. Abbott Dies in Her Husband’s Arms

    Mrs. Abbott Dies in Her Husband’s Arms

    Camden Post-Telegram – December 12, 1910 Mrs. Margaret Abbott, wife of Policeman Robert T. Abbott, died this morning at 6 o’clock after several years illness with consumption, at her home, No. 49 North Twenty-sixth street. Death came rather unexpectedly, although her condition has been grave for several days.

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  • Working Girls

    Working Girls

    Under the direction of the Board of Playground Commissioners, the first of a series of entertainments for working girls will be given tonight at the Carnegie Library, Broadway and Line Streets.

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  • Camden Cyclone of April 2, 1912

    Camden Cyclone of April 2, 1912

    The city of Camden was hit by tornadoes, or as they were then called, cyclones, on two occasions, August 3, 1885 and April 2, 1912. The first storm destroyed the Tabernacle Baptist Church at North 3rd and Pearl Street, and caused damage to buildings at North 3rd and Main Streets and elsewhere.

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  • North Camden Hit by a Great Cyclone; Homes Wrecked

    North Camden Hit by a Great Cyclone; Homes Wrecked

    Two lives will probably be sacrificed, property valued at at least a hundred thousand dollars, was virtually destroyed and the northwest section of the city was laid in ruin when a storm of cyclonic intensity swept over Camden last night. It continued hardly fifteen minutes, but, in that time more havoc was wrought than by any storm that has ever visited that section, even including the locally historic cyclone of 1885.

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    Bound for this city from England to make their home here with their brother, Edgar and Fred Giles went down to their death on the Titanic.

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  • Fireman Overcome in Blazing Cellar

    Fireman Overcome in Blazing Cellar

    Bravery on the part of Policeman Harry Bakleyy and Fireman Harry Anderson perhaps saved the life of Fireman Joseph Logue, of the No 4 house when he was overcome with smoke in the cellar at the home of John Holloway, 218 Grant street last night. Logue after being pulled from out of the cellar was revived and was able to resume his duties.

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  • DENO


    DENO – 10th Inst, William, husband of Catharine C. Deno, aged 63.

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  • Batted for Smith

    Batted for Smith

    Umpire Geisel batted for Ed Smith in the ninth inning of the last game at Zanesville and Jack Gilbert struck him out. Tydeman hit the bull sign in the final game and earned $50.

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  • Boy’s Brutal Murderer Collapses At Hearing

    Boy’s Brutal Murderer Collapses At Hearing

    Two men were charged with killing an 18-year-old. The victim volunteered to escort two young ladies home and was shot by the two men when he was returning. The murder was brutal and, initially, the police had no clue where to start the investigation.

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  • Edwin F. Allen Obituary

    Edwin F. Allen Obituary

    ALLEN.— 16th inst. AMANDA, wife of Edwin F Allen and daughter of the late Captain Thomas M and Mary A Tetter Relatives and friends invited to funeral. Thurs 2 PM, residence. 726 Elm st, Camden, Internment private at Evergreen.

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  • Police Carnival was a Gigantic Success

    Police Carnival was a Gigantic Success

    Considered one cf the most successful events ever given in Camden, the second annual industrial show and carnival of the Camden Police Beneficial Association came to a close in the Third Regiment Armory Saturday night with the crowning of the queen. Miss Margaret Rudolph, daughter of Chas Rudolph, of Master street, was accorded that honor. It is estimated that during the week more than 50,000 persons visited the armory and participated in the festivities.

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  • Allege Father and Son Whipped Laute

    Allege Father and Son Whipped Laute

    It is alleged Laute has several broken ribs, a cut head and other injuries administered by father and son because Laute is alleged to have been too familiar with O’Connell’s daughter.

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  • Central Trust Company Advertisement, 1915

    Central Trust Company Advertisement, 1915

    Central Trust Co. Centrally Located Capital and Surplus, Undivided Profits, nearly $400,000 Resources $2,250,000 Federal & Fourth Streets Camden, N. J.

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  • Woman Hits Husband Hurling Stone at Dog

    Woman Hits Husband Hurling Stone at Dog

    The bad aim of a 25 year old woman resulted in lots of trouble and sent her husband to Cooper Hospital. The woman was arrested and spent several hours in jail before it was all explained.

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  • 3 Policemen Hurt As Car Hits Ambulance

    3 Policemen Hurt As Car Hits Ambulance

    Philadelphia Inquirer – December 14, 1915 Three Camden policemen were injured, one of them seriously, last night, when the First district auto ambulance was struck by a trolley car while responding to a call from 2310 Carman street, where Bodine Stratton, 39 years old, had shot himself over the heart. All were taken to Cooper Hospital.

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  • Camden at a Glance

    Camden at a Glance

    On the force ten years, Sergeant Lewis Stehr was made a police captain yesterday by Mayor Ellis. He succeeds Arthur Stanley. who resigns because of disability after being commander of the Second District for eighteen years. Stehr’s place will be taken by Policeman George Anderson, of the Ninth ward, who has been a member of the force for twenty three years. The changes are effective February 15.

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  • Police Shake-up in Camden

    Police Shake-up in Camden

    There was a general change in Camden’s Police Department yesterday occasioned by the retirement of Captain Arthur Stanley after nearly twenty years of service. He was succeeded as captain by Sergeant Lewis Stehr, who takes charge of the Second district. Sergeant George Nowrey was transferred from the Third the Second district, and Patrolman George Anderson made a sergeant in the Third district Policeman Fred Lechleidner was made a jailer, and Harry A. Corson, of the Sixth ward, was made a patrolman by Mayor Ellis.

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  • Central Trust Bank Directory March

    DR. H. H. GRACE, M. D., President CASPER T. SHARPLESS, Vice President JOHN B. CLEMENT, 2nd Vice President & Secretary-Treasurer MONTREVILLE SHINN, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer C. CHESTER CRAIG, Trust Officer

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  • Bank Directory, Camden Safe Deposit and Trust Co.

    ALEXANDER C. WOOD, President. EPHRAIM TOMLINSON, 2d Vice President JOSEPH LIPPINCOTT,,Treasurer and Secretary EPHRAIM TOMLINSON, Trust Officer GEORGE J. BERGEN, Solicitor

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  • Report of the Condition of the Central Trust Company

    Report of the Condition of the Central Trust Company

    H. H. Grace, M. D., President and JOHN B. CLEMENT, Treasurer, of the above-named Company, being severally duly sworn, each for himself deposes and says that the foregoing statement is true, to the best of his knowledge and belief.

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  • Camden National Bank – March-December 1915

    Camden National Bank – March-December 1915

    REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF THE Camden National Bank At Camden, in the State of New Jersey, at the close of business, March 7, 1916

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  • 3 Hurt When Fire Truck Hits Trolley

    3 Hurt When Fire Truck Hits Trolley

    Two firemen and a motorman were injured in a collision betwen No. 1 motor truck from fire department headquarters and a trolley car at Fourth and Arch streets, Camden, last night. None of the injured is in a serious condition. The motor truck had answered a false alarm and was returning to the engine house when the collision occurred Harry Burroughs, the driver, and Harry Anderson, his companion, were hurled from the truck and injured, the former about the wrist and legs and the latter about the hip. They were removed to their homes. Daniel Glenn, motorman, had his legs injured and was removed to Cooper Hospital. The truck and trolley were badly damaged.

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  • Fireman Anderson May Not Recover

    Fireman Anderson May Not Recover

    Injured in a collision at Fourth and Arch strets betwen a Public Service trolley and the big auto truck of No. 1 Truck Company, on the night of April 16, Lieutenant Harry Anderson, aged 43 years, of 1147 Federal street, is dangerously ill in Cooper Hospital from internal hurts and the effects of two operations.

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  • Died


    ANDERSON. — Suddenly, on May 4th, 1916, Harry C., beloved husband of Margaret A. Anderson nee Cummisky, and son of Isaac and Sarah Anderson, aged 43.

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  • Dead Fireman Buried

    Dead Fireman Buried

    With the body mounted on the auto supply wagon, the funeral of Fireman Harry C, Anderson, who died in Cooper Hospital from injuries received in being thrown from the auto truck in responding to an alarm of fire a couple of weeks ago, took place yesterday from his home at 1147 Federal street, Camden. An escort of sixty men with Fire Chief Pete B. Carter at the head accompanied the body to the burying place at Harleigh. Chaplain Isaac Bagley, of the department, officiated at the services. The pall-bearers were fellow firemen.

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  • Surrogate Reeves today granted…

    Surrogate Reeves today granted…

    Surogate Reeves to-day granted letters of administration to Mrs. Mary Anderson on the estate of Lieutenant Harry M. Anderson, her husband, the fireman who died in Cooper Hospital as the result of injuries he received in a collision between Truck No. 1 and a trolley car at Fourth and Arch strets, on April 16.

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  • The fire house at Fifth and Arch is draped

    The fire house at Fifth and Arch is draped

    The fire house at Fifth and Arch strets is draped in mourning because of the death of Lieutenant Harry Anderson, who died last night in Cooper Hospital, from injuries sustained in an accident at Fourth and Arch streets. Anderson was very popular with the firemen and residents in the vicinity of the fire house and his death is widely mourned.

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  • Murders and Forger Escape Jail After Shooting Keepers, Killing One

    Murders and Forger Escape Jail After Shooting Keepers, Killing One

    Murdering one jailor and wounding another with a revolver that had been smuggled into them by outside confederates, Wilson T. Ashbridge, slayer of Mrs. Elizabeth Dunbar, and Francis Murphy, alias George E. Thompson, a check forger, made their escape from the county jail a few minutes before seven o’clock last night.

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  • Children Secure Father’s Release

    Children Secure Father’s Release

    Taking into consideration that he had five small children and a wife dependent upon him Recorder Stackhouse this morning released Charles Becker, aged 28 years, of 2936 Howell street, in his own recognizance, after he had been arraigned on a charge of keeping a disorderly house.

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  • Revolver, Smuggling It in Covered By Fruit, Murderer’s Wife Supplied It

    Revolver, Smuggling It in Covered By Fruit, Murderer’s Wife Supplied It

    Police and county detectives are looking for George E. Thompson, who escaped from the County Jail after murdering one keeper and wounding another.

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  • Changes Among Camden Firemen

    Changes Among Camden Firemen

    Philadelphia Inquirer – December 1, 1916 There are a number of changes that become effective in Camden’s Fire Department today. Charles Fitzsimmons, Jr., will become a lieutenant to fill the vacancy occasioned by the removal of Israel Adams owing to physical infirmities. Irwin Price, of the Sixth ward, takes the place of William McCauley, dismissed, and Lewis Newman, of the Twelfth ward, will assume the duties of Harry Suters, resigned. William Cumerford, of the Twelfth ward, has been appointed a fireman to fill the vacancy caused by the promotion of Fitzsimmoms [sic].

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  • Chared with Being the Assailant

    Chared with Being the Assailant

    Charged with being the assailant of Sergeant of Police George Anderson, who was knocked from at automobile by the chauffeur on March 2, when he attempted to make an arrest, Frank E Wade, 28 years old, of 415 North Fourth street was held in $500 bail by the Recorder yesterday.

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  • 14 Camden Firemen Overcome by Smoke

    14 Camden Firemen Overcome by Smoke

    Fourteen firemen were overcome by smoke, one of them being removed to Cooper Hospital, and about $20000 in damage was done at a fire at the plant of the Frank G. Hitchner Wall Paper Manufacturing Company, Fifth and Mickle streets, Camden, yesterday. It was not until late yesterday afternoon, after twelve hours fighting, that the flames were subdued, although not at any time was there a burst of flame.

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  • Camden Democrats File Fusion Ticket

    Camden Democrats File Fusion Ticket

    As predicted in yesterday’s Inquirer a fusion ticket is to be supported by the Democrat machine at the coming primaries in Camden. Yesterday was the last day for filing nominating petitions and a mixed ticket is shown by the Democrats. Dr. Duncan W. Blake. the candidate for Sheriff is a former Progressive, and Louis Le Duc, one of the assistants for Assembly, is a Republican. The rest of the ticket is made up of Democrats and shows no change from that published yesterday. No nomination is made for the office of Coroner. For membership-at-large on the county ticket the nominations are Walter Farrell, John Cleary, Russell Carrow and Samuel B. F. Alcott

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  • Police Department Changes

    Police Department Changes

    There were a number of changes in Camden’s Police Department yesterday by Mayor Ellis. He appointed Sergeant John Golden successor to Captain Hugh Poyle [sic], recently placed on the pension list. Patrolman Howard Smith was made a city detective, and Hall Officer James Clay was made a hall sergeant. Motorcycle Policemen Jefferson Kay and Charles Laib were appointed traffic sergeants, while Patrolmen Edmund Pike and Albert Cornog were made traffic policemen. Patrolman Robert Abbott was appointed a sergeant. Mayor Ellis has received the resignations of G.M. Beringer and Myers [sic] Baker as members of the City Plan Commission, the first getting out because of pressing business and the other because of going to Camp Dix.

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    Camden Post-Telegram – May 1, 1918 Much Important Business Transacted at Real Estate Men’s Annual Meeting. A-SHAPED…

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  • Compensation Award

    Compensation Award

    According to a ruling made by Referee Goas, of the Employers’ Compensatian Bureau in Camden, the Poth Brewing Company must pay Christran Heitman, of 1631 Fillmore street, $10 a week for forty-two weeks for injuries received when he was struck in the eye with a hoop while he was riveting a keg. The man’s sight is alleged to have been impaired.

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  • Bankers Daughter to Sell Thrift Stamps

    Bankers Daughter to Sell Thrift Stamps

    The committee in charge of the sale of War Savings Certificates and Thrift Stamps has requested the Camden Safe Deposit & Trust Company to open a booth under the auspices of the Ladies Committee for the sale of stamps. This booth will be in charge of Miss Ruth Farr, daughter of Mr. Edward L. Farr, president of the Camden Safe Deposit & Trust Company.

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  • Here and There in Camden

    Here and There in Camden

    The woman who operated the booths during the Third Liberty Loan drive have formed an organization for the purpose of raising a fund with which to purchase an ambulance.

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  • 3,000 At Camden

    3,000 At Camden

    Camden, N.J., Sept. 28. — More than 3,000 cases of Spanish influenza have developed here during the last 24 hours, according to reports made tonight by city physicians.

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  • War Work Director Named

    War Work Director Named

    F. Morse Archer, president of the National State Bank, is to direct the Camden drive for the war work fund. Former Judge William T. Boyle and William J. Strandwitz are the vice chairmen; Walter J. Staats is the treasurer and E. A. Stoll and David S. Rash, Jr., are the directors. The work in Camden city is to be done in six districts and the captains are E. G. C. Bleakly, James H. Long, William L. Hurley, F. B. Wallen, Wilbert Pike and Volney Bennett. Camden county’s quota is $227,500.

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  • 3 Injured, 3 Stunned in Auto Collision

    3 Injured, 3 Stunned in Auto Collision

    Gloucester, N.J., June 14 – Three persons were injured, three women fainted, three men were badly stunned when two automobiles collided last night at Broadway and Hudson streets.

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    The Peace with victory which Camden’s sons along with millions of other soldiers of all the Allied countries helped to bring home was celebrated by a jubilee in Camden yesterday which eclipsed anything that the city across the Delaware has ever attempted in her history.

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  • East Camden Bank

    East Camden Bank

    Prominent East Camden citizens are forming the East End Trust Company and at a meeting of the organization committee yesterday…

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  • Hacked Remains of David Paul, Missing Bank Messenger, Discovered by Gunners

    Hacked Remains of David Paul, Missing Bank Messenger, Discovered by Gunners

    The Authorities of Burlington county have another baffling murder mystery to solve.

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  • New Firemen Assigned for Two Platoons

    New Firemen Assigned for Two Platoons

    Saturday morning at 8 o’clock the two-platoon system of the Fire Department becomes effective. At that hour the first shift will go on duty and remain until 6 p.m. when the second squad goes on, remaining until 8 a.m. That will be the procedure in the department henceforth, the schedule being so arranged that every third day there will be a 24-hour shift to let the other off. Every man will have 24 hours off every sixth day.

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  • Fireman Goes Insane

    Fireman Goes Insane

    Philadelphia Inquirer – August 30, 1916 Firemen connected with the Twenty-seventh and Federal streets engine house, Camden, were taken by some surprise when one of their number, Israel Adams announced he had been promoted a captain, and ordered them to get ready to accompany him to another house. His actions became so peculiar that a physician was summoned, and he was found to be insane. He had been ill some time and, and the death of his wife is believed to have weakened his mind. It was necessary to send him to the city jail, and arrangements have been made to take him to a sanatorium. He has been living with a married daughter on Haddon avenue.

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  • New Chairmanship of the Camden Chamber of Commerce Committee

    New Chairmanship of the Camden Chamber of Commerce Committee

    Circuit Court Judge Frank T. Lloyd yesterday accepted chairmanship of the Camden Chamber of Commerce Committee which is to study the unemployment question and make suggestions for remedial measures. With Judge Lloyd on the committee are: Alban Eavenson, of Eavenson & Levering; Belford G. Royal, of the Victor Talking Machine Company; Corgressman Francis F. Patterson. Mayor Charles H. Ellis, former United States Senator David Baird, I. A Hawkes, of the Hunt Pen Company; Frank Vanhart, president of City Council, and an official of the Esterbrook Pen Company; John Prentice, director of the Board of Freeholders; Burleigh B. Draper, of the Broadway Trust Company. A. C Dorrance, of the Campbell Soup Company; Lawyer William S. Darnell, CW, Tomlinson, of the R. M. Hollingshed Company; James V. Moran, of the Hurley Company; Rev. Thomas J. Whelen pastor of the Church of the Holy Name; J. D. Johnson. of the State Employment Bureau: Rev Charles B. Dubell, director of St. John’s P. BE. Church; Eimer E. Long, of Munger & Long: Mrs. Dr. A. H. Lippincott, Mrs. W. Penn Carson and Mrs. Harry Pelouze.

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  • Sage C. Russell Wed to Alice Tydeman

    Sage C. Russell Wed to Alice Tydeman

    Sage C. Russell, aged 24, who is a resident of the Northeast, and Miss Alice Lydeman [Tydeman — ed.], six years his junior, a local girl, journeyed down to Elkton, Md., on Saturday and secured a marriage license.

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  • Removed to Hospitals

    The police ambulance removed residents of South Camden to the hospitals late on Saturday afternoon.

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  • Sergeant George Anderson Ill

    The many friends of Sergeant George W. Anderson of the Third District will be sorry indeed to learn that he is again seriously ill at his South Camden home, 582 Clinton Street. Several months ago Sergeant Anderson underwent an operation in a Philadelphia hospital, his life being saved by the transfusion of blood from the arms of heroic comrades. Last week he suffered a relapse from an internal ailment and yesterday was said to be in a critical condition.

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  • Walt Whitman’s Home in Camden

    Walt Whitman’s Home in Camden

    The City Council of Camden, New Jersey, has voted that the home in which Walt Whitman passed the later years of his life and in which on March 26, 1892, he died shall not be destroyed but shall be preserved intact on the site where it stands. There had been a suggestion that it be removed to one of the city’s parks. This did not meet the Council’s approval. The house will stand where it is and where it stood when Walt Whitman lived and died in it.

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  • Camden Soap Plant Is Swept by Flames

    Camden Soap Plant Is Swept by Flames

    Loss estimated at $350,000 to $400,000 was caused by fire which swept the three upper floors of the six-story main building occupied by the soap manufacturing plant of J. Eavenson & Son, at Penn Street, and the Delaware River, Camden, early last night.

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  • Changes Ordered In Camden Police

    Changes Ordered In Camden Police

    Following an extended conference, the police committee of Camden City Council yesterday directed Solicitor Bleakly to prepare an ordinance for a partial reorganization of the Camden Police Department.

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  • Negro Voodoo Dug In Toils of Police

    Negro Voodoo Dug In Toils of Police

    Human bones and other gruesome articles were found in caves and passages under the home of H. H. Hyghcock,.

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  • ‘Voodoo’ Is Held For Murder

    ‘Voodoo’ Is Held For Murder

    Discovery of the body of a white baby several weeks old, human bones and other gruesome articles in a maze of dungeon-like caves and sub-cellars under 413 and 415 Liberty Street today have led the police to hold without bail “Doctor” H.H. Hyghcock.

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  • Voodoo Man Confesses Bigamy

    Voodoo Man Confesses Bigamy

    Police investigating the “voodoo den” of H.H. Hyghcock, 413-15 Liberty Street, whose arrest on suspicion of murder made several important discoveries today.

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  • Mystic’s ‘Library’ is Full of Weird Jargon

    Mystic’s ‘Library’ is Full of Weird Jargon

    A weird ‘library’ of “voodoo literature” was discovered by the police in the strangely under-tunneled and unusually equipped home of Dr. Hyghcock.

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  • Voodoo’s Raven Room Shocks Society Editor

    Voodoo’s Raven Room Shocks Society Editor

    Touching in the highlights of my tour of the “Voodoo” house the thing that impressed me most, was the black bird, which pounced on my head and fanned my face with its wings just as I entered the tunnel.

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  • Voodoo Doctor’s List Of Murders

    Voodoo Doctor’s List Of Murders

    Mysterious memoranda, which name persons listed "to go" and others "to be ruined," have been uncovered by police.

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  • ‘Girl Farm’ At Voodoo Cavern

    ‘Girl Farm’ At Voodoo Cavern

    Investigations of H.H. Hyghcock, negro voodoo man, today brought out still more startling phases of the weird career of the dusky “seer” on Liberty Street.

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  • Camden Voodo Man Once Kept Den in Norfolk, VA

    Camden Voodo Man Once Kept Den in Norfolk, VA

    Armed with picks, axes, and shovels a detail of police and firemen started this afternoon to tear up the underground voodoo den of E.H.H. Hyghcock, 413-15 Liberty Street.

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  • Sorcerer Held on New Charge

    Sorcerer Held on New Charge

    “Voodoo doctor” Hyghcock was held by the police for more than a week was dropped today and he was held in $2500 bail on charges of obtaining money under false pretenses and illegally practicing medicine.

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  • Leon E. Todd – Realtor

    Leon E. Todd – Realtor

    Camden’s largest Real Estate Brokerage organization is fully equipped to meet the increased demands for SERVICE that come with the opening of the Camden Bridge — the crowning achievement of that great engineer — Ralph Modjeski.

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  • Spearing Challenges Local Lightweights

    Spearing Challenges Local Lightweights

    Joe Spearing, star Camden lightweight who has been showing in Philadelphia a great deal lately, is anxious to fight in Camden again, and desires shots at Roxie Allen or any other leading 135-pounder hereabouts.

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  • Roxie Allen Starts New Year in Impressive Style by Shading Al Del Galdo in Convention Hall Finale

    The year of 1928 evidently is going to be kinder to Roxie Allen, one of the best local lightweights, than the last one and 1927 can not be said to have frowned upon the pugilistic careers of the downtown Italian, despite the fact that he lost his first scrap that year

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  • Jewelry Clerk Held in Robbery of Store

    Jewelry Clerk Held in Robbery of Store

    Climbing to the roof of a shed in the rear of the Greenetz & Pellicoff jewelry store, 833 Broadway, burglars entered the shop early today and carried away $2,000 in loot.

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  • Old Doc Hyghhat Hyghcock

    Old Doc Hyghhat Hyghcock

    Old Doc Hyghcock comes back into the news, wearing hip boots and a high hat. The hip boots and the high hat and the crazy old car he drove are funny.

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  • Frankie Rapp Favored to Eclipse Records of All Local Boxers

    Is Frankie Rapp, South Camden lightweight due to eclipse the performance of every scrapper who has ever been developed here?

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  • City League Clubs Begin Second Half

    Second-half competition in the Reesman basketball league will begin tonight with a twin bill at Convention Hall.

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  • Rotary Club Told of Industrial Drive

    Rotary Club Told of Industrial Drive

    An industrial campaign for the purpose of inducing new business industries to locate in Camden will be part of the program of the Chamber of Commerce for this year.

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  • Fairview Legion Post Installs Officers

    C. Richard Allen, commander and other new officers of Fairview Post No. 71, American Legion were installed last night in the Legion home, 1392 Collings Road. The installing officers were Herbert A. Blizzard, state vice-commander and Dr. Samuel Loveman, past state adjutant.

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  • Gangster Shot During Melee In Sixth Ward

    Gangster Shot During Melee In Sixth Ward

    Victim of a shot fired in a gangster melee, the exact cause of which remain undetermined, Joseph Cimini, 31 years old, was killed in the Sixth Ward Republican Club, 908 Broadway.

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  • Murder Motive at G.O.P. Club Splits Sleuths

    Murder Motive at G.O.P. Club Splits Sleuths

    With city and county authorities definitely divided on the motive and circumstance if the Sixth Ward Republican Club slaying, Joseph “Polack Joe” Deven was arraigned in Camden police court today and held without bail on a murder charge.

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  • Polish-American Club Re-Elects President

    Polish-American Club Re-Elects President

    Vincent Raczykowski was elected for the third consecutive time as president of the Camden County Polish-American Republican Club at the annual meeting.

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  • Woolworth Leases East Camden Site

    Woolworth Leases East Camden Site

    F.W. Woolworth is invading East Camden with his “five and ten”.

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  • Love Plot Fades as Motive Behind Clubhouse Killing

    Love Plot Fades as Motive Behind Clubhouse Killing

    Mrs. Katherine Rosalie Denies She is “Chick’s Girl” or “Anybody’s Girl,” But Thinks Flannery and Cimini May Have Used Her as Excuse for Starting Fatal Fight.

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  • Wins Another

    Wins Another

    JACKIE HINDLE, Camden lightweight who beat Harry Larsen, of Atlantic City last night in the eight round semi-final at the Northside A.C., Atlantic City NJ. It was Hindle’s third victory in four starts since his attempted “comeback.”

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  • Grand Jury Will Consider Slaying After Probe Ends

    Investigation in the slaying of Joseph Cimini in the Sixth Ward Republican Club Saturday, is “far from completed”, Assistant Prosecutor Joseph Varbalow announced today.

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  • Battle Echo of Murder at Club

    Battle Echo of Murder at Club

    Pretty, piquant Katherine Rosalie – for love of whom men are declared to have fought to the death in the rooms of the Sixth Ward Republican Club, today waged her own fight against her self-avowed rival for the attentions of Charles “Chick” Hunt.

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  • “Mose” Flannery Released on Bail

    Camden Evening Courier – January 19, 1928 Shay Signs Order After $5000 Bond is Posted in 6th…

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  • Sixth Ward G.O.P. Club Installs New Officers

    The newly-elected officers of the Sixth Ward Women’s Republican Club, 908 Broadway, were installed last night. The installation was conducted by Mrs. Anna Moffett, county committeewoman of Gloucester.

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  • Flannery Promises to explain Slaying

    With Joseph “Mose” Flannery at liberty under $3000 bail, a statement setting forth his part in the Sixth Ward Republican Club affray which resulted in the slaying of Joseph Cimini last Saturday, was promised today by his attorney, Samuel Orlando.

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  • Dealer Denies Thieves Took Slot Machine

    Dealer Denies Thieves Took Slot Machine

    Lewis Shectman changed his story in police court today and declared that it was only a box of cigars, not a slot machine that was stolen from his store.

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  • Ghost Sniper Shoots at Bus, Fells Cop at Bridge Plaza

    Ghost Sniper Shoots at Bus, Fells Cop at Bridge Plaza

    Probing a mystery that sounds more like fantastic fiction than serious fact, police of Camden and officials of the Camden Bridge today were conducting a vigorous hunt for a “phantom sniper.”

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  • ‘Chick Hunt’s Girl’ Gone

    Back into the notice of Camden’s Police Court, but not into its courtroom, Katherine Rosalie came today.

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