Police in a Church

Camden Guardians of the Peace attend Devine Services

Philadelphia Inquirer – February 12, 1900

Camden Guardians of the Peace Attend Divine Service

Chief of Police John Foster, Captains Stanley, Boyle and Alberts, seventy policemen and Colonel D. B. Murphy, the police drill instructor, marched in a body from the Third Regiment Armory in Camden to Broadway M. E. Church last evening to attend divine service. A number of city firemen, trolley conductors and motormen were also in attendance. The pastor, Rev. James W. Marshall, D. D. preached on “Immortality?

At the First Presbyterian Church last evening Rev. W.H. Fishburn, D. D.,gave his second talk to bread-winners. His subject was “The Age of Hurry.”

Mr. Bipin Chandra Pal, of India, spoke at North Baptist Church last evening on “Life(?) and Reforms in British India.”

Madame Lavah Barrakat, a Syrian woman, delivered an address at First M. E. Church last evening

Members of the Ancient Order of United Workmen last evening attended the Eighth Street M. E. Church.

Pastor Lilley, of Trinity M.E. Church, last evening preached a special sermon to the Union Veteran Legion.


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