C. Lawrence Gregorio

C Lawrence Gregorio - 1924

C. Lawrence Gregorio, originally born as Christopher Lawrence Digregario in Pennsylvania in 1899, was a notable figure in Camden’s legal community. His family moved to Camden when he was three, settling at 326 Sycamore Street in South Camden. His father, John, worked as a laborer, and his mother, Laura, was a homemaker. Being the eldest of at least seven children, Gregorio was encouraged by his parents to pursue his education, culminating in his graduation from Temple University in 1920. It appears that he shortened his name from Digregario to Gregorio after the January 1920 Census.

Gregorio’s legal talents were quickly recognized in Camden County. By the age of 24, he had achieved the position of Assistant Prosecutor for Camden County. This early success in his career also included a role on the Board of Directors of the Victory Trust, a bank founded by Antonio DiPaolo, indicating his involvement in the local financial sector as well.

He served in the prosecutor’s office until at least 1928, playing a significant role in the legal proceedings of Camden County during this time. By 1933, Gregorio had returned to private legal practice. In 1936, he moved to Westmont, though he continued to maintain a professional presence in Camden with an office on North 6th Street. His legal career in Camden was noteworthy, and he continued to practice law at least until 1959.

C. Lawrence Gregorio’s journey from the son of a laborer to a respected legal professional in Camden County exemplifies the opportunities available in the early 20th century for those who pursued higher education and professional careers. His contributions to Camden’s legal landscape and his involvement in the community’s financial institutions highlight his impact on the area’s development and governance.

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