Isaac W. Eason

Isaac W Eason - 1936-10-16

Isaac Willoughby Eason Sr., born in Virginia in 1870 to Isaac and Narcissus Eason, emerged from a farming background to become a distinguished legal professional. His academic journey was impressive: he earned a B.A. degree from Randolph-Macon College in 1893 and an LL.D. from Washington & Lee University in 1895. Following his education, he married, and his son, Isaac W. Eason Jr., was born in 1905.

Eason’s commitment extended beyond the legal field to serving his country during World War I. For his service, he was honored by the French government with the Croix De Guerre, a prestigious military decoration.

Trained as a lawyer, Eason worked for the federal government as evidenced in the 1920 Census, residing in Washington D.C. with his wife Elizabeth. His career in Washington included a significant role as Assistant Attorney General for the United States, showcasing his legal expertise and governmental influence.

By the fall of 1931, Eason had moved to Camden, where he served as assistant prosecutor for the city in the 1930s, residing at 226 North 2nd Street. This period in his life was marked by personal tragedy when his son, Isaac W. Eason Jr., a trained chemical engineer, passed away in 1932.

Eason’s later years were affected by illness, leading to his death on December 22, 1945, in Norfolk, Virginia. He was laid to rest in the Eason Family Cemetery on the site of the old family home in Norfolk County, now part of Chesapeake, VA. His epitaph, “Love and Charity marked his life,” reflects the high esteem in which he was held and the legacy of his contributions to his profession and community.

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