• Wilfred L. Dube

    Wilfred L. Dube

    Although he left school after the eighth grade, he was self-educated and well-read. In 1926, not yet 21 years old, he graduated from the New Jersey State Police Academy.

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  • Byron P. Cobb

    Byron P. Cobb

    Byron Cobb, already engaged in the canvas business, specialized in canvas awnings for homes and businesses.

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  • Earl Stopfer

    Earl Stopfer

    During World War II, Stopfer and Jefferis gained citywide recognition for their efforts in selling $4,000,000 in war bonds and for their work with public and parochial school safety patrols.

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  • Michael Tenerelli (aka Mickey Blair)

    Michael Tenerelli (aka Mickey Blair)

    Throughout the 1930s until his death in November 1941, Mickey Blair often made headlines for activities beyond the boxing ring.

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  • Bowman Hendry McCalla

    Bowman Hendry McCalla

    Rear Admiral Bowman H. McCalla was born and raised in Camden, founding the Perseverance Fire Company in 1832 and marrying General MacArthur’s sister.

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  • John A. Mather Jr.

    John A. Mather Jr.

    General John A. Mather Jr. had a distinguished military career, ascending from the rank of Private in the National Guard to Brigadier General.

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