Winfield S. Price

Winfield S. Price

Winfield Scott Price enlisted in the New Jersey National Guard in 1892, starting as a private and eventually retiring as a Major General in June 1939. During this span, he served in both the Spanish American War and World War I. Prior to his military service, he held a seat on the Camden NJ City Council for five years before being elected as the Mayor of Camden NJ in 1927.

Notably, during World War I, Winfield Price garnered recognition for his outstanding contributions while working alongside Lieutenant Colonel Harry C. Kramer in the establishment and management of the national selective service system.

In November 1927, Mayor Price initiated the formation of a committee tasked with organizing the celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the City of Camden in February 1928. The committee comprised individuals such as Charles S. Boyer as Chairman, T. Yorke Smith, E.G.C. Bleakly, Mahlon F. Ivins Jr., Fred S. Caperoon, and Frank S. Albright.

Throughout his four-year term as Mayor, the construction of the new City Hall took place. Following his mayoral tenure, he assumed the role of commander for the 44th Infantry Division in the New Jersey National Guard until his retirement. During this period, he established the first African-American National Guard Battalion in New Jersey. His service in the National Guard concluded in June 1939.

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