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Streets of Camden, NJ. Streets are representative of the “common name” meaning the names of streets that most people are familiar with. Where possible, we try to keep up with changes based on City Council decisions.

Rex Place - Map from 1946
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Rex Place

Rex Place, a short thoroughfare, extended eastward from the vicinity of 317 North 5th Street, concluding its course at 309 North 6th Street, neatly positioned between Penn and Linden Street.

Alley Street Stock Photo
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Richman Alley

Richman Alley, documented in the 1946 Camden City Directory, was situated “from Cooper to Carpenter, East of North 11th.”

Chew Court - 1932-09-19
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Chew Court

Chew Court extended north from the 400 Block of Mount Vernon Street, accessible through an arch flanked by 407 and 409 Mount Vernon Street.

Mount Ephraim Avenue - South from Van Hook - 1940s
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Mount Ephraim Avenue

Dating back to 1878, Mt. Ephraim Avenue has a history rooted in the past when it operated as the Mount Ephraim Turnpike, functioning as a toll road.

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French’s Court

Originally designated as French Street, its origins can be traced to at least 1850. In 1891, four buildings occupied French’s Court; however, by 1906, none of these structures remained.

Francis X. McGraw School as seen from Fremont Street.
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Fremont Avenue

Fremont Avenue, sometimes denoted as Fremont Street, is situated in East Camden and extends southeastward from Garden Avenue to South 38th Street, running parallel to Federal Street.

Camden Grocers Exchange. Northwest corner of Atlantic Avenue and Ferry Avenue
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Atlantic Avenue

The eastern segment of Atlantic Avenue, stretching beyond 7th Street, presents a combination of residential and commercial properties that persists to this day.

Arthur Avenue now runs for two blocks on the south side of Veteran's Park, crosses 27th Street, and proceeds to 29th Street and Von Nieda Park.
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Arthur Avenue

Arthur Avenue, established prior to 1887 and named after U.S. President Chester A. Arthur, is situated within the Cramer Hill neighborhood of Camden.

Scene of Camden Bombing - At left, standing: Adam Coccia. Kneeling Matteo Coccia
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Division Street

Division Street became Ramona Gonzalez Street in 1997, saluting a community leader who co-founded the city’s San Juan Bautista parade. Did Division Street ever divide anything?

100 Block of South State Street - West of 2nd Street - Circa 1910
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State Street

In response to petitions from citizens, the State Legislature and County Freeholders authorized the building of a bridge and an extension of State Street to connect with Federal Street.

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Yeager Court

Yeager Court, a short street located in South Camden, extended for half a block south from Joint Alley. Unfortunately, there are few if any traces left of Yeager Court.

Looking East on Joint Street (aka Joint Alley) from South 3rd Street. Photo taken September 1, 2006. Photo by Enrico Doganiero.
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Joint Street (aka Joint Alley)

Joint Street, formerly known as Joint Alley, is a one-block street that extends east from South 3rd to South 4th Street, nestled between Spruce and Walnut Streets.