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  • Blaine Street

    Blaine Street

    Blaine Street holds a unique place in the historical landscape of Camden, with a history dating back to the late 19th century. Originally, this street stretched from 424 South 7th Street all the way to Trenton Avenue, offering a thoroughfare that facilitated movement through the neighborhood. Remarkably, it continued onward, connecting to Haddon Avenue, culminating…

  • Hats ‘Boss’ Kobus Wears, Much Like Queen Mary’s

    Hats ‘Boss’ Kobus Wears, Much Like Queen Mary’s

    Camden Courier-Post – September 17, 1941 The political boss of Camden is a motherly, gray-haired woman who wears hats like those effected by Queen Mary of England. Nevertheless, and in spite of the fact that she denies it vehemently, Mrs. Mary W. Kobus, Camden’s Director of Public Safety and president of its Board of Education,…