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  • Joseph “Polack Joe” Deven

    “Polack Joe” Deven, born Joseph Deven to Italian immigrant parents Pietro and Angelina Davino, was a notable figure in Camden, New Jersey’s early 20th-century history. His life story is marked by a series of intriguing and often controversial events. Joseph Deven was born on February 19, 1893, in Pennsylvania. The 1900 Census recorded the Davino…

  • Gordon’s Hotel and Livery

    Gordon’s Hotel and Livery

    This decision introduced new characters into the narrative, including a somewhat notorious figure, blending politics with a shadowy underworld presence in Camden’s Third Ward.

  • Rocco F. Abbott

    Rocco F. Abbott

    ROCCO FRANK ABBOTT was born in Philadelphia on September 21, 1893 to Frank and Maria Abbatto. By 1910 his family had moved to Camden, New Jersey. Rocco Abbott lived with his parents at 910 South 3rd Street. His older brother Antonio, a tailor, lived around the corner at 302 Spruce Street. The 1914 Camden City…