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  • Alter Barbel

    Alter Barbel

    Alter Barbell, born on January 24, 1877, in Pruzany, Russia, embarked on a journey to the United States via Hamburg. He, along with his wife Dora and sons Myer and Elmer, arrived at Ellis Island, New York, on February 28, 1902, aboard the Hamburg-American line steamship Phoenicia. The family initially settled in South Philadelphia, where,…

  • Alter Barbell – Reminiscing

    There was a learned man in Hebrew who lived on Baring Street, Camden, was married, and held in his home a daily after school instruction for boys in order to be bar mitzvah-ed at their 13th birthday period. I was one of his students in 1938. He was a tough fellow, and appeared (in my…

  • Jews End Campaign to Raise Charity Funds

    Jews End Campaign to Raise Charity Funds

    Camden Courier-Post – June 24, 1933 The Federation of Jewish Charities concluded its campaign for funds Thursday night with a banquet attended by workers and directors of the organization, at the Talmud Torah, 621 Kaighn Avenue.

  • Jewish Charities Raise $1500 Here

    Jewish Charities Raise $1500 Here

    Camden Courier-Post – June 7, 1933 More than $1500 in pledges and in cash have been received in the campaign of the Camden Federation of Jewish Charities, it was announced last night by E. George Aaron, chairman of the campaign committee. The drive will continue through this week.

  • Funds to Aid Womens Home, Talmud Torah and Free Loan

    Camden Courier-Post – June 4, 1933 A campaign to raise funds for the Federation of Jewish’ Charities of Camden was launched yesterday under the chairmanship of E.George Aaron. The drive will continue a week. Funds raised will be contributed to the support of the Hebrew Ladies’ Sheltering Home, the Talmud Torah, and the Free Loan…