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  • Vasco’s Cafe

    Vasco’s Cafe

    713 S. 3rd Street, Camden, NJ From the late 1900s through 1920 the saloon at 713 South 3rd Street was the home and place of business of Antonio DiPaolo, who would in 1919 found the First Italian Bank in Camden. Joseph Harris operated the establishment in 1931, according the the City Directory of that year.…

  • A history of banking in Camden, NJ

    A history of banking in Camden, NJ

    Camden Banking The Farmers and Mechanics Bank was organized with a capital of $300,000 on March 31, 1855. The banking house at the southeast corner of Front and Market Streets was built at the cost of $18,000. This institution was conducted as a State Bank until September 1, 1864 when it became a National Bank…

  • C. Lawrence Gregorio

    C. Lawrence Gregorio

    C. Lawrence Gregorio, originally born as Christopher Lawrence Digregario in Pennsylvania in 1899, was a notable figure in Camden’s legal community. His family moved to Camden when he was three, settling at 326 Sycamore Street in South Camden. His father, John, worked as a laborer, and his mother, Laura, was a homemaker. Being the eldest…