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Fred W. Klosterman, 1955
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Fred Klosterman

Fred Klosterman and his brother Joseph were heavily involved in the illegal lottery, or “numbers” racket, in Whitman Park and South Camden in the 1930s and 1940s.

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Gunmen In Philadelphia Murder Colozzi in Numbers War

A reputed employee of Fred Klosterman, Camden numbers baron, was shot and killed in Philadelphia last night in what police there believed was an inter-city fight for control of the numbers racket.

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Grand Jury Clears Number Suspects

Police allege Putek joined Szalinski in control of the Klosterman numbers game. Arrests of both men climaxed orders to county police authorities by Supreme Court Justice Frank T. Lloyd and Prosecutor Samuel P. Orlando.

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Mysterious Piece of Paper Enlivens Numbers Trial Here

“What right have you to take a state exhibit and place it in your pocket?” Assistant Prosecutor William C. Gotshalk queried heatedly. “I want that paper.”