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George S Tempest - 1926
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George S. Tempest

George S. Tempest was hired by Camden to run the police and fire departments during the Roaring Twenties and related criminal activity.

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Camden Voodo Man Once Kept Den in Norfolk, VA

Armed with picks, axes, and shovels a detail of police and firemen started this afternoon to tear up the underground voodoo den of E.H.H. Hyghcock, 413-15 Liberty Street.

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Voodoo Man Confesses Bigamy

Police investigating the “voodoo den” of H.H. Hyghcock, 413-15 Liberty Street, whose arrest on suspicion of murder made several important discoveries today.

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‘Voodoo’ Is Held For Murder

Discovery of the body of a white baby several weeks old, human bones and other gruesome articles in a maze of dungeon-like caves and sub-cellars under 413 and 415 Liberty Street today have led the police to hold without bail “Doctor” H.H. Hyghcock.