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  • Charles Elfreth

    Charles Elfreth, born in May 1849 in Camden, New Jersey, emerged as the third son of Samuel D. and Martha Elfreth, following elder brothers Jeremiah and Samuel Elfreth. Samuel D. Elfreth, his father, established a flourishing blacksmithing business in Camden and actively volunteered with the Perseverance Fire Company since the 1820s. The family’s deep connection…

  • George T. Quinn

    George T. Quinn

    George Tabor Quinn was born on January 23, 1875, in New Jersey, to parents Davis Quinn and Estelle Abel. The Quinn family, comprising George, his older sister Violet, and later, younger siblings Leila A. Quinn (born in 1880) and Albert Quinn (born in 1886), resided at 448 Benson Street from 1878 to 1888. They later…

  • James H. Carey

    James H. Carey

    James Carey played a significant role as part of the crew on the U.S.S. Monitor during its historic battle with the C.S.S. Merrimac in 1862.

  • Knox Gelatine Company

    Knox Gelatine Company

    Knox Gelatin Co., originally known as the Landesman Co., had its beginnings in early 20th-century Camden, at 4th and Erie streets.

  • Judson K. Fish

    Judson K. Fish

    Judson K. Fish was born in April 1851 in New Jersey to parents Amanda and Ezra Fish. In 1860, the family resided in Delaware Township (now Cherry Hill), New Jersey. By the 1870 Census, they had moved to Camden’s Middle Ward, where Ezra Fish worked as a policeman. The family included Ezra, Amanda, older brother…

  • Hook & Ladder Company No 1

    Hook & Ladder Company No 1

    From Left: tillerman Bill Tatem, firemen Edward Finley, Charles Gladney, and Harry Green, Lt. Harry Anderson, Firemen George Hollins and Steward Bakley, Captain Joseph Maxwell, and driver Harry Burroughs

  • Edwin F. Allen

    EDWIN FORREST ALLEN was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on October 9, 1872, as a replacement for David B. Sparks, who had resigned. He served as an extra man with the Hook and Ladder Company (present-day Ladder Company 1). He was resigned from his position with the Fire Department on June 30, 1873. He…

  • Charles H. Allen

    CHARLES H. ALLEN was born in New Jersey in 1847 to Mary and William H. Allen. His father was in the tin roof business, and later opened op a shop where sold stoves, heaters, and ranges. The Allen family was living in Camden’s South Ward when the census was taken in 1850, in the North…

  • William Alcott

    WILLIAM ALCOTT was born in New Jersey around 1848. He was the son of Logan Alcott and his wife, the former Elizabeth Ann Bodine. The Alcotts were living in Camden as early as 1854. Logan Alcott was one of the founding stewards of Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church.

  • Inception of the First Paid Fire Department in the US

    Inception of the First Paid Fire Department in the US

    On June 7, 1866 Camden’s City Council enacted an ordinance reorganizing the volunteer fire service to improve efficiency in operations. This ordinance provided for increased compensation to the fire companies (Weccacoe and Independence got $800 per annum to be paid quarterly, the Weccacoe and Shiffler Hose companies and the United States Fire Company received $200…