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  • Three-O-Three Bar

    Three-O-Three Bar

    303 Kaighn Avenue The bar at 303 Kaighn Avenue was in operation as early as June of 1939, when Lauraine Bieri was granted a liquor license renewal by the city of Camden. Lauraine Bieri and her husband Charles appear in the 1930 Census as living at 1210 Hyde Park, a small street that runs between…

  • Dealer Denies Thieves Took Slot Machine

    Dealer Denies Thieves Took Slot Machine

    Camden Evening Courier – January 20, 1928 Bertman Doubts His Story After He ‘Shifts’ Loot to Cigars Is liable to a fine on gambling machine Grand Jury Probe is Hinted by Judge – Reporter Takes Stand Lewis Shectman changed his story in police court today and declared that it was only a box of cigars,…