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Pyne Point Park – Tracking History

If you grew up in North Camden then you had to remember Pyne Point Park. They were synonymous.

This abandoned building in Pyne Poynt Park was for many years the site of the transmitter for radio station WCAM. Photo taken during the summer of 2003.
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Radio Station WCAM

Camden’s oldest radio station dates back to September 1925 when it signed on as WFBI at 1270 AM under the ownership of Robert Galvin. The city government became involved soon afterward. The official dedication of the now municipally-owned radio station, rechristened WCAM, occurred in Convention Hall, occurred on March 29, 1926. The station moved, sometime after 1931, to the 17th floor of the new City Hall Building at South 6th and Federal Street. Eventually it was permanently assigned 1310 on the AM band as its frequency.

Krystal Lounge bas, as seen from the rear Jerry and Jackie the Dancing Barmaid on duty
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Krystal Lounge

789 Chestnut Street apparently was a bar before Prohibition. In 1887 and 1888 Philip Barr is listed in the Camden City Directory as operating a saloon at this address. The 1908 directory shows a John A. Gorman, and the 1918-1919 directory reveals that Walter D. Leonard was the proprietor at that time.

Captain Michael LaBar putting out a garage fire
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Garage Fire on Warnock Place

After leaving Engine 10, I stopped by Squad 7, and was still there when this box came in. Police were already on scene, Squad 7 was the first fire unit to arrive. There was a whole lot of smoke from this detached garage on Warnock Place, an old more or less abandoned street that runs west from South 8th Street between Sycamore Street and Kaighn Avenue. A water supply was secured, and the fire, which had spread to the siding of the adjacent house on 8th Street was quickly dealt with, with no damage to the home save the siding. There were no injuries, which is always a blessing.

This Postcard was mailed on October 5, 1910 from Camden, New Jersey to Miss Ella Kremo at the Tivoli Theater in Sydney, Australia
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The postcard above was mailed on October 5, 1910 from Camden, New Jersey to Miss Ella Kremo at the Tivoli Theater in Sydney, Australia. When the postcard arrived in Sydney, Miss Kremo and her family, a troupe of acrobats who appeared on stage around the world, had left, leaving a forwarding address of Das Programm in Berlin, Germany. Postal authorities sent the card to Germany. The address given was insufficient, the card was never delivered, and it lay, unclaimed, in the post office in Berlin Germany until the spring of 1945.

Phil Cohen, 52, of Pennsauken has created a Web site to honor Camden County veterans who died while serving their country. He wants to keep their memory alive.
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Site Honors Camco War Dead

Second Lieutenant Warren Stafford Jr., of Haddon Heights, was in the Army Air Force when his crew of 10 men was reported missing.

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The Year 1828 – Camden, NJ

On February 13, 1828 the Council and General Assembly passed “An act to incorporate a part of the Township of Newton in the County of Gloucester.” This was the first charter of the City of Camden.