Camden Beer Memory

Beer - Stock Photo

From 1948 to 1951 when I worked at the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, after work we the people that worked there went to the Greenwich Bar on Greenwich Street, downtown New York for a few beers. They had Camden Beer and to this day that was the best beer that I had ever had. I was thinking tonight of the beer I had then and wondered where and if there is any place that I could get that kind of beer again. I have never heard of Camden Beer any place before or after. I wonder now if it is still being made and where it can be purchased. I am now 75 years old and I am very glad to tell you what a good beer that was and how much we all enjoyed it. It sure was a good beer, good foam and a great taste, the foam was just as good as the taste.

Ray Nickerson
May 22, 2005


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