Warren Webster and Company Factory at time of 50th Anniversary celebration 1938.

This post is an excerpt from the book, The Life and Times of Warren Webster, by Warren Webster, Jr.

There is a legend that Peter the Great left a “secret will” which always guides the foreign policy of Russia, regardless of the internal changes in forms of government.

Warren Webster left no written directions for the conduct of the business, but the principles and policies on which it was founded and developed are so well defined, so interwoven in its warp and woof, they are more evident than any written word.

Years before his passing he picked and arranged his Organization as he would have it. Then little by little, for longer and longer periods, he turned over the wheel, so that when his hand was finally withdrawn the change was hardly perceptible.

Today, as I write in 1942, the Company is enlisted for the duration of the war producing Ordnance for the United States Army. All of our facilities not required for Ordnance production are being used to keep steam heating available wherever it will help the war effort.

The skills developed under my father’s direction are serving America in this time of national peril. Through our united efforts, the cause of righteousness shall triumph.

In conclusion I am going to paraphrase a beautiful thought of the late Heywood Broun, written on the death of his first wife:

For so many years we had the guidance and support of Warren Webster as he looked over our shoulders, that now, as we work, we feel he still looks over our shoulders.


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