The Year 1844 – Camden, NJ

John K. Cowperthwaite, the first Mayor of Camden, was chosen under the Act of March 9, 1844.

On March 11, 1844 the legislature of New Jersey passed the act creating Camden County, by taking the Townships of Camden, Waterford, Newton, Union, Delaware, Gloucester, and Washington from Gloucester County. The passage of this act was vigorously condemned in the old county; and an indignation meeting was held in Woodbury on March 28, 1844. This meeting, said to have been attended by 2500 persons, adopted resolutions condemning the Legislature. In 1845 an effort was made to repeal the act creating Camden County, but it was defeated in the Legislature, by a vote of 28 to 23 in the Assembly and 11 to 7 in the senate. The Senator and one Assemblyman from Camden voted against the repeal, while the other Assemblyman from Camden voted for it.


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