Veteran Boxing Association, Ring 6, Banquet Program

Man of the Year, Frank A. Abbott

Veteran Boxing Association Banquet Program – April 8, 1958

Man of the Year

“I’m going to be another Johnny Dundee.” Thus spoke an Italian teenager a few years ago.

He placed himself in the able hands of the late Walter West…started training with Battling Mack, Frankie Conway and a few others… went over to National A.C. in Philadelphia and watched Roy Hirst and Young Gardner hit each other with everything but the ring posts in the 6 round wind-up… found out they received the enormous sum of $7.50.

Thus, another quote from the same lad: “Walter, I just retired from the boxing game.” Decided he would stick to the plastering game where he still holds an honorary card in Local and Operating Plasterers.

Offered several minor league contracts to play baseball; he turned them down to stay at home. He played with such clubs as Garrett-Cowles, Camden B.B.C. under the management of Weep Stanton, Matchner F.C., Liberty Singing Society and others. A few of the players he had the pleasure of playing with and against were Rube Rapp, Rube Weisman, Freddie Heimach, Mush Higgins, Lou Shaub, Woodbury’s Leo Dorson and his inseparable buddy, the late Johnny Salvatore.

His baseball career may be described as pretty good field, pretty good hit.

Hobbies are fishing and bowling, averaging about 175 three nights a week, which he says is not too bad for an old timer. He bowls with Venetian Restaurant, Mighty Good and engages in Round Robin Sweepstakes at Cherry Valley Bowling Alleys.

He became Deputy Commissioner of the City of Camden in 1936, Elected Commissioner in 1939 and has been re-elected three times since, being high man on the ticket three of the four times.

He is married to the former Florence Smith and they have eight children, most of them being here tonight along with the Commissioner’s Father who is 85 years old.

Yep! That Chick was some athlete!


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