6th Ward Group Backs Leadership of Kobus

Camden Courier-Post – February 17, 1938

Support of City Commissioner Mary W. Kobus as “leader of the Republican Party in Camden County” is pledged in a resolution adopted by the Sixth Ward Republican Association, meeting in headquarters of the Camden County Republican Association, 506 Broadway.

Text of the resolution, signed by Elwood A. Fritz, president, and Edgar Brittingham, secretary, follows:

“Whereas Commissioner Mary W. Kobus as a public official and as a Republican has always demanded and upheld the most important and political proclamation, to wit: ‘Only those means and measures shall be adopted which shall presently and ultimately prove and provoke the greatest good to the greatest number,’ and

“Whereas the Sixth Ward Republican Association is desirous of rehabilitating the Republican Party and restoring confidence of the public in the Republican Party;

“Therefore be it resolved that the Sixth Ward Republican Association of the City and County of Camden does hereby pledge its support to the leadership of Mary W. Kobus as leader of the Republican Party of Camden County.”

Officers installed at the meeting were Fritz, Brittingham, Charles Cifriano, first vice-president; John Gritton, second vice president, and Edgar Holmes, treasurer.


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