$8,000,000 Fund Sought for Housing

Camden Courier-Post – February 8, 1938

Hartmann Declares City Needs 2 Added Low-Cost Rental Projects

A Federal grant of $8,000,000 for slum clearance and two municipal low-cost housing units will be sought by the city of Camden when the State Legislature approves pending bills providing enabling legislation.

This was made known yesterday by Commissioner Frank J. Hartmann, director of public works, who also announced he will present an ordinance at Thursday’s meeting of the City Commission setting up a Camden Municipal Housing Authority.

The ordinance, Hartmann explained, will conform with requirements in one of the Assembly bills. Members of the authority, who will be known as Housing Commissioners, will be named by the City Commission.

Present members of the Camden Municipal Low-cost Housing Committee are Charles F. Hollopeter, chairman; Dr. M. F. Wheatland, William H. White, Horace R. Dixon, secretary, and John Green, president of the United Marine and Shipbuilders’ Union of America.

“Camden needs two more low-cost housing units to provide modern, sanitary and adequate housing for its working people,” Hartmann said. “Unless present plans are changed the proposed housing authority will seek a grant of $8,000,000 from the U. S. Housing Authority.”

“As soon as the legislature passes the enabling legislation the city through this committee will be in a position to go to Washington, present our plans, and make formal request for Federal money.

Hartmann said that neither he nor the members of the housing committee will divulge any contemplated locations of the two proposed projects.

“This committee has studied housing needs from all angles. Neither politics, race or creed will enter into negotiations in connection with the projects.”


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