Added Equipment Authorized to Aid in Fighting City’s Fires

Camden Courier-Post – February 10, 1938

More Gas Masks and Oxygen Tanks Ordered by Mrs. Kobus

Together With Large Life Net and Chemical Generators

Additional modern fire-fighting equipment will be provided at Camden fire headquarters and in several fire houses, Commissioner Mary W. Kobus stated yesterday.

Purchase of the equipment, the director said, will be made with funds included in the year’s budget submitted to City Comptroller Sidney P. McCord yesterday.

Mrs. Kobus commented on the rescue of seven workmen from a tank car at the old Pavonia car shops and pointed out rescues were effected by use of gas masks and oxygen tanks.

“I deemed it advisable to obtain more gas masks and oxygen tanks for other fire houses in the city to cope with such future emergencies,” Commissioner Kobus said.

Two inhalators will be placed at fire headquarters along with additional grappling hooks to be used in drowning cases, she added.

Purchase of a large type life net, additional chemical generators for combating gasoline and oil fires, and “wind breakers” for fire apparatus not equipped with windshields has been authorized, Director Kobus added.


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