Alcott Retaliates

Philadelphia Inquirer – December 9, 1894

Prefers Charges Against W. J. Thompson in the Americus Club

There will probably be a lively meeting of the Americus Club, of Camden, tomorrow evening. The club is an organization of stalwart Democrats. Ex-Assemblyman William J. Thompson, owner of the Gloucester race-track, and Samuel B. F. Alcott, are members.

Alcott until recently was a jailer in the county prison. He was discharged by the Court House Committee of the late Democratic Board of Freeholders, of which Thompson was chairman. He claims that Thompson had him discharged and a Republican was appointed in his place.

Alcott has retaliated by preferring charges against Thompson in the Americus Club of “conduct unbecoming a Democrat.” He claims in the charges that Thompson voted to retain a Republican County Physician in office when three Democrats were seeking the position.

The charges were referred to the Executive Committee and Alcott is authority for the statement that the committee will recommend Thompson’s dismissal from the club.

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