Big-scale Payroll Forgeries Feared as Man Dupes Dentist

Fake Stock Photo

Camden Courier-Post – August 11, 1933

Large scale forgery of payroll checks drawn against a Philadelphia laundry is suspected by Camden police in the passing of a check against a Camden dentist.

Dr. Edward Schiff, dentist, of 602 Federal Street, reported to police that a strange man passed a $25 check on him after obtaining treatment for a toothache. The check, drawn to “Herman Kragen” against the Holland Laundry, Philadelphia, and dated March 3, was returned to Schiff by the Market Street National Bank, marked as a forgery.

Detective Frank Crawford declared Dr. Schiff was unable to identify any rogues’ gallery photograph as that of the man who passed the check to him.

Police fear the check may be the forerunner of an epidemic of payroll check forgeries similar to that found here two years ago when merchants were fleeced by men garbed in working clothes. At that time checks were forged against the RCA Victor Company.


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