Bluecoats For East End

Camden Daily Courier – May 19, 1899

Eight of the New Guardians of the Peace Named

Captain Albert will have charge of the new district – Former Chief Abbott among the Batch of new appointees.

Eight of the prospective policemen from the Eleventh and Twelfth wards were at the City Hall this morning. They were called into the office of Chief Foster and then one by one were introduced by the Chief to Mayor Hatch in his private office. The interview with the Mayor was apparently satisfactory, as each man when he emerged from the office of the Mayor wore a broad smile.

Those who have thus far been named and who will be given their stars as soon as the present force resign or are removed are: Joseph Schmid, Alberton L. Matlock, Rowland C. E. English, Horatio Sewell, Ferdinand Sell and Robert Abbott. The latter is acting captain of the annexed district, which will be in charge of Captain Albert when the reorganized force goes on duty.

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