Building Upturn Seen as Camden Permits Total $22,185 for Week

Camden Courier-Post – February 28, 1938


Palladino Reports Builders Co-operating on Rule for Better Prints


Building in Camden showed an increase last week, Commissioner Frank J. Hartmann, director of Public Works, reports.

According to the Commissioner, the increase is taken by him to indicate that with the approach of Spring the city will have a still greater increase in building.

During the week 20 building permits for an estimated value of $22,185, were issued. Receipts from licenses totaled $46.50.

Licenses were issued for 43 private garages and one auto repair shop. Trade licenses numbered eight.

Bureau receipts for the week ending yesterday amounted to $229.50.

Inspectors of the bureau made 140 inspections, investigated 24 complaints and reported eight violations.

William J. Palladino, personal secretary to Hartmann and chief of the building bureau, reported contractors and builders are cooperating with the new rule requiring blueprints or acceptable hand drawn graphs of building plans.

Bureau inspectors under Hartmann’s direction are checking all dilapidated houses and buildings for the purpose of ridding the city of dangerous structures which contribute to fire hazards.

Recently Hartmann estimated there were more than 500 unsafe structures in the city. Under an ordinance approved by city commission, Hartmann is empowered to order their demolition or proceed with the work and assess the cost against owners or agents of the property.


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