Camden Loses Out In Deaths By Auto

Overturned Car Crash- Stock Photo

Camden Courier-Post – June 19, 1933

Omaha Takes First Place, With 57 to This City’s 54 for Year

Washington, June 22 – Camden no longer has the unenviable distinction of having the highest death rate from automobile accidents of any large city of the country, the United States Census Bureau announced today.

For the 52 weeks ended June 10, Omaha took the lead with 57 deaths per 100,000 population against 54 for Camden. A year earlier the Omaha rate was only 22.2, while that for Camden was 74.2.

The total number of deaths in Camden from motor mishaps fell from 88 to 64, while in Omaha the number jumped from 48 to 124. The downward trend in evidence in Camden is largely in deaths caused by accidents occurring outside the City limits, as deaths due to mishaps in the city proper fell only from 44 to 23 and the death rate for the city proper from 21.2 to 19.4.

In the four weeks ended June 10, the census statisticians observed, there were only four motor accident fatalities in Camden, with two attributed to city proper mishaps. The corresponding weeks of last year showed a total of 12 deaths with three caused by local accidents.


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