Cooperation in City Cleanup Facilitates Rubbish Collection

Camden Courier-Post – February 11, 1938

Separation of Refuse By Householders Permits Use of Ashes for Street Repairs and Fill

Employees to Return Accommodation

This is the fifth in a series of articles showing how co-operation by Camden citizens in ash and garbage collection can save money for the city.


Camden citizens are co-operating so well with Commissioner Frank J. Hartmann in his campaign to improve the appearance of the city streets that the director of public works today announced a new procedure for collections.

Heretofore ashes, garbage, papers, bottles, cans and other rubbish had, to be collected together because householders failed to put out their of refuse in separate containers.

Now, however, Hartmann’s request to keep ashes separate from garbage and other refuse have been heeded so well that the new method has been decided on.

Beginning Monday, Hartmann said, separate trucks will be used for collection of ashes and the other refuse. By removing the ashes in one truck and the garbage, papers, bottles and cans and other rubbish in another, the ashes will be available for road repairs and to fill in lowlands. Then the other trucks, containing the garbage and rubbish can be taken direct to the city incinerator at Fourteenth and Federal streets.

“The people have shown a wonderful spirit of co-operation,” Hartmann said, “and when they see how much better their streets look and realize the assistance they are giving the city employees, I am sure they will continue to aid us by placing their refuse in proper containers.”

If this co-operation continues, Hartmann said he hoped eventually specific days could be set aside for collection of different types of refuse. For instance ashes would be collected on one day and another day would be set aside for removal of garbage and rubbish.

“I believe that would make it easier for the householders, who now must put out everything at once,” the Commissioner said.

While Hartmann said he appreciated the aid given by the citizens in his campaign, he also announced the collectors themselves would be given additional instructions.

Collectors to Aid Also

“I am going to ask the men who collect the refuse not to throw the empty containers down on the curb lines. They will be instructed to place them carefully along the other side of the pavement close to the houses or where there are fences to put them inside,” the Commissioner said.

“That will take very little more time or trouble and I believe it will prevent the empty containers from being, kicked about the streets.

“Also, I will ask Commissioner Mary W. Kobus, director of public safety, to seek the co-operation of the fire marshal in eliminating any other condition which I found.”

“In several sections I found high, top-heavy piles of baled and loose papers on the sidewalks in front of junkyards. A stiff wind easily could send this paper all over the streets.”


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